Does ANYONE like being in an environment that’s stuffy and overly academic? Probably not, and that’s one reason why people often get too intimidated to go to office hours. At the same time, COVID-19 isn’t really allowing us to hang out in person, so here’s my suggestion: a MukBang (먹방), but PSYC 217 version. Every week, I’ll be on Zoom (Wednesdays: here; Tuesdays: here). I will sometimes have food, and you can join me with or without food, and we’re just going to chat the time away. Everyone is welcome, but a group of 15 or so will be specifically invited each week (i.e. there’s no signing up)! You can go to as many or as few as you want! These are not mandatory, and group assignments are merely “suggested assignments”. You don’t even have to turn on your webcam (but you’re encouraged to) – you can just come and hang out with other people! All groups are posted on Canvas. The dates are:

Wednesday Sept 15 4 pm Group 1
Tuesday Sept 21 2 pm Group 2
Wednesday Sept 29 4 pm Group 3
Tuesday Oct 5 2 pm Group 4
Wednesday Oct 13 4 pm Group 5
Tuesday Oct 19 2 pm Group 6
Wednesday Oct 27 4 pm Group 7
Tuesday Nov 2 2 pm Group 8
Wednesday Nov 17 4 pm Group 9
Tuesday Nov 23 2 pm Group 10
Wednesday Dec 1 4 pm Group 11
Tuesday Dec 7 2 pm Group 12

Feel free to look up photos from other #mukbench sessions using that hashtag! Here are a few others: