RIM Shakes Rumors off about the Discontinuation of PlayBook.

When our professor asked the 120 students in our COM 101 class how many kids own a PlayBook  I did not see a single student put up his or her hand. On Thursday of September 29, 2011 Marisa Conway- a RIM spokesman has stated “RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market and the future of QNX in its platform”.This announcement was initiated by a report of a Collins Stewart analyst named John Vihn who declared that RIM may have stopped the production of PlayBook and the development of additional tablet projects. One of the reasons for this assumption has been that Quanta Computers, a contract manufacturer has laid off a large number of employees in a factory focused on the production of PlayBook. RIM has shipped 500,000 PlayBooks in the last six weeks of its fiscal first quarter and an additional 200,000 in its full second quarter. The announcement of Marisa Conway seems to have been made out RIMs attempt to prevent further loss of confidence of its shareholders. RIM stocks have fallen by 60% since last year and continue to follow a downward trend. The hype created by the prior to the release of the PlayBook has dramatically increased the value of RIMs stock. Currently PlayBooks sales are plummeting and the retailors stocked on PlayBook are lower their prices to get rid of the low demanded product.

Blackberry PlayBook (Click on image for source)

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