iPhone 4S- Sold Out.

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According to AT&T the preorders for iPhone 4S have made this launch the most successful iPhone launch to this date racking up 200,000 preorders in the first twelve hours of pre-availability.

Apple store previously listed the arrival time of iPhone 4S for those who preordered the phone to be October 14, 2011 (or next Friday). At this point in time however, those who recently chose to preorder the product now can expect it to be shipped in one-two weeks. The launch day stock (at least at Apple Online Store) has been sold out!

An alternative way to be one of the first to lay hands on Apple’s new smartphone is to simply get early in line at one of Apple’s retail stores. Two people have already been camping outside Apple’s 4th Ave. store in NYC for 12 days.

iPhone 4S does not have a revolutionary new design with a limitted number of modifications to the existing version of iPhone 4. However it is the last Apple product released in life-time of the iconic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who passed away this Wednesday and is a way for consumers to commemorate his legacy.

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