Organizational Culture: Role of Stress

I’ve stumbled upon an article from Benefits Canada which closely connects to what we recently learned about organizational culture in class. It states that employee absence, stress and disability are creating more and more pressure on Canadian organizations in terms of both cost and workforce productivity.

89% of employers surveyed have stated that excessive workload has become a problem in their organization, compared to just 64% in 2009.

The main concern of employers is the mental health of their employees. Stress in organizations is causing short term and long-term mental disability claims causing in costs to the enterprises.

The article suggests that companies to invest into effective health and productivity programs and demonstrates the significance of a positive and not overwhelming Organizational Culture.

As I read this article I thought back on the Organizational Culture of Zappos. It seemed however that it was not the amount of counselling and lessons on productivity that they received but their intrinsic motivation that separated them from other companies.

So I would suggest  that these companies that are experiencing a downturn in their employees productivity should in addition to effectively investing into  health and productivity programs, invest heavily into developing a very positive organizational culture and creating esteem in the hearts of the employees of the company. This would allow for employees to develop intrinsic motivation.

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