Putin, America, CIA and Russia.

Those that consider Putin to be a dictator and a destroyer of capitalism are invariably incorrect. Under Putin’s legislation the Russian GDP has boomed, as well as overall life quality for Russians citizens. The country is in enormously greater condition than under the government of its predecessor Yeltsin.

The anti-Putin movement in Russia showcased by the media outlets of United States and the American-supported governments has been over-exaggerated and most likely supported by those same governments. However when Russia was under the rule of the American-funded “democrat” Yeltzin who was recorded drunkenly orchestrating a German orchestra at meeting with the G8 the American-supported governments have been in fond admiration of the leader who tore and sold Russia apart (Yeltsin).

This means one obvious thing for Russia. It is not in CIA’s and American government’s interest for Russia’s realignment and economic growth on the global platform. Hence this is why the image of an uproar and protest is being exhibited on American mass media. If you go to Moscow and interview Russian citizens, take legitimate polls, or simply look on the red square and streets of Russia, you will see that protests against Putin are not happening at nearly the scale alleged by the American media.

The movements against Putin are CIA sponsored, simply to remove a strong leader and prevent the emergence of another independent global power.

Here is an example of American’s portrayal of Russia and Putin.

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