Workshop Schedule

Please inform students that in-lab workshop attendance is NOT REQUIRED, it is OPTIONAL, everything is covered in the videos (you can show them the videos in the workshops as part of the demo) and so the workshop is just for those who need extra one-on-one help.

Please refer to the official workshop schedule as they are not held every week, and each workshop contains very specific demonstrations.  You may also come into a workshop time to use the computers. The workshops are run by TA’s and:

  • Mondays from 1-2pm in Buchanan B204
  • Thursdays from 1-2pm in Buchanan B202

Workshop Schedule

  • January 9 (Sam)
    Module 1:  Fundamentals
    OSX, Workflow, Formatting your drive, Software, Raster & Vector Imaging, Output, Input
  • January 13 (Nazanin)
    1/2 Module 2:  Introductory Photoshop Part 1
    Introduction, Bits and Bits, Histogram, Density, Resolution, Getting Started & Workspace
  • January 16 (Sol) & 20 (Nazanin)
    1/2 Module 2:  Introductory Photoshop Part 2
    Channels, Tools, Layers, Adjustment Layers, Exporting
  • January 23 (Sol) & 27 (Nazanin)
    Module 3:  Advanced Photoshop
    Selection Tools, Additive and Subtractive Manipulation, Refine Edge, Masking
  • January 30 (Sol) & February 3 (Sam) & 6 (Sam)
    How to use ComPAIR & Photoshop Troubleshoot  
  • February 13 (Ale) & 24 (Dion)
    1/2 Module 4:  Introductory Premiere Part 1
    Video Terminology, Codecs, Formats, Workspace, Tools, Scratch Disks, Media, Starting a Project
  • February 27 (Dion) & March 2 (Ale)
    1/2 Module 4:  Introductory Premiere Part 2
    Sequences, Clips, Timeline, Tools, Trimming, Exporting
  • March 5 (Sol) & 9 (Dion)
    Module 5:  Advanced Premiere
    Sequence and Clip Techniques, Audio, Effects, Transitions, Keyframe, Image Movement
  • March 12 (Xan) 16 (Ale) 23 (Xan) & 26 (Sol)
    Premiere Review & Troubleshoot

If you are assigned to teach one class, you will cover one workshop, if you were assigned to teach two classes, you will cover three workshops, if you are assigned to teach 3 classes, you will cover 5 workshops.  I strongly suggest covering the same workshops, so that you only have to prep once! There are resources, such as pdf presentations, to help you through the workshop, and you may use the videos that all the students have access to.