Announcing 2015 McLean Lectures in Canadian Studies @ UBC by Tina Loo

Your invited to the 2015 McLean Lectures in Canadian Studies presented by Professor Tina Loo, “Moved by the State: Forced Relocation and a ‘Good Life’ in Postwar Canada.”  The lectures explore the relationships among poverty, development, and democracy in Canada.

28 January “Hell and Hope in the Barrenlands,” on forced relocation in the central Arctic

4 February “Developing a ‘Good Life’ in Newfoundland and Eastern Quebec”

11 February “Building Better Cities East and West”

Location: Liu Centre Multipurpose Room. Lectures start @ 7 pm

Register here.

McLean Lecture slide

Bob Brooks, “A house being moved by floating in from Silver Fox Island, Bonavista Bay, to Dover, Newfoundland,” 1961. Library and Archives Canada, e010975945

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