A Cause For Concern: Counterfeit Jerseys

Counterfeit Vancouver Canucks Kesler Jersey (image from vansunsportsblogs.com)

Counterfeit Vancouver Canucks Kesler Jersey (image from vansunsportsblogs.com)

Illicit reproduction goods are flooding the market, and reportedly cost American businesses alone over $200 billion dollars a year. The counterfeit jersey epidemic originates primarily from manufacturers in China that bombard the US market. Last year during the build up to Super Bowl XLVIII, the FBI and the NFL seized $21.6 million worth of fake Super Bowl jerseys, hats and other items in a counterfeit goods crackdown. This seizure is just one of many, as the demand for cheap, authentic looking sport jerseys is unbelievable. According to authorities however, buyers reportedly only receive an estimated 10 percent price break and wind up with poor quality fake goods. Additionally, the losses caused by the counterfeiting increases the price of legitimate goods. As an avid sports fan myself, the urge to buy counterfeit jerseys at a fraction of the price is extremely tempting, especially since licensed jerseys cost such an incredulous amount. Questionable quality that takes away from the economy here isn’t worth it for me however. The problem is that it is only against the law to sell counterfeit jerseys, not the purchase of them. Penalizing the consumer would curb this issue promptly. For now, the battle rages on, as law enforcement continue to shut down hundreds of websites selling fake jerseys.


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