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World Water Week – Panel Discussion

Hi everyone,

We are two weeks away from our world water day panel discussion and everything is coming together nicely. This year’s discussion is being held at the Bohemian Cafe (524 Bernard Av.) on Tuesday, March 22nd. Agenda below.

The panel discussion topic is: Water in an urbanized world: Water, food, land and people in the Okanagan.

The panel members include:

· Oliver Brandes, Polis Institute

· John Janmaat, UBC Okanagan

· Toby Pike, SEKID

· Domenic Rampone, local farmer

· John Wagner, UBC Okanagan

· Anna Warwick Sears, OBWB


5:00 introductions and welcomes

5:15 introductory ideas from panel members (3 minutes max)

5:35 facilitated discussion with roundtable participants

6:00 public questions & answers

6:25 wrap-up / thank you / networking

Each panel member will provide introductory comments. Panel members will then have an opportunity to comment and ask questions of other panel members. After the panel members have an opportunity to explore their ideas, we’ll take questions from the floor. If the crowd is small enough the facilitated table discussion and public q&a session can be combined.

I’m looking forward to a good evening of discussion around a range of ideas about Okanagan water in an urban(izing) world.


Nelson R. Jatel,
Okanagan Basin Waterboard
Water Stewardship Director

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