Friday April 21 (Totem Field Studios)
8.30 Registration and breakfast
9.30 Invited talk: Nicholas Welch  (UoT)

Person and personlessness in Dene languages

10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Suzi Lima & Guillaume Thomas (UoT)

Person sensitive switch reference in Yudja

11.30 Emily Hanink & Karlos Arregi (Chicago)

Switch reference in Washo as inverse marking

12.00 Karin Vivanco (University of São Paulo)

The morpheme ti- in Karitiana

12.30-2.30 Lunch (on your own)
2.30 Rebecca Tollan (UoT) & Will Oxford (Manitoba)

Algonquian unergative subjects: Voice or v?

3.00 Brandon Fry (Ottawa)

Locality via feature inheritance: contextual allomorphy in Ojibwe theme-signs

3.30 Michael Hamilton & Miloje Despić (Cornell)

Algonquian Theme signs: a markedness account

4.00 Coffee Break
4.30 Irene Appelbaum (Montana)

A Discourse Use of the Passive in Kutenai

5.00 Elise McClay (UBC)

Word order and information structure in Ktunaxa

5.30 John Lyon (UVic)

Contrastive Topic and Focus, and Question/Answer Congruence In Nsyílxcən

6.00 Coffee Break
6.15 -7.15 Invited talk: Clarissa Forbes (UoT)

Consequences of long-distance extraction morphology in Gitksan


Saturday April 22 (Totem Field Studios)
9.00 Registration & breakfast
9.30 Will Oxford & Eun Bi Won (Manitoba)

A case for Case in Algonquian

10.00 Michelle Yuan (MIT)

Why ABS objects are exceptional in Inuktitut: Clitic doubling and cross-dialectal variation

10.30 Steven Foley, Nick Kalivoda & Maziar Toosarvandani (Santa Cruz)

Gender Case Constraints in Zapotec

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Matthew Schuurman (Concordia)

Stranded numerals and quantifiers in Mi’gmaq relative clauses

12.00 Jason Ostrove (Santa Cruz)

Severing PRO from its Silence

12.30 -2.30 Lunch (on your own)
2.30 Emily Kudlak, Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre & Richard Compton (UQAM)

Collaborating on a Kangiryuarmiutun dictionary: lessons from a speaker-linguist and linguist duo

3.00 Eva Zimmermann (Leipzig)

Avoiding an intruder: Tone association in Zacatepec Chatino

3.30 Natalie Weber (UBC)

Motivating a Prosodic Stem constituent in Blackfoot nominals



Posters & COFFEE
6.00-7.00 Invited talk: Alana Johns (UoT)

A Consideration of Transitivity in Inuktitut



Sunday, April 23 (Totem Field Studios)
9.00 Registration and breakfast
9.30-10.30 Invited talk: Amy Rose Deal (Berkeley)

Shifty Asymmetries: Universals and Variation in Shifty Indexicality

10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Adam Singerman (Chicago)

Syntactic disharmony in finite embedded clauses in Tuparí, a Tupían language of Brazil

11.30 Marcus Berger (Michigan)

Overt Movement as a Marker of (Ir)realis in Iquito

12.00 Zoë McKenzie (UoT)

Processes affecting the imperative paradigm in Labrador Inuttut

12.30 Heather Bliss (UVic)

Disentangling the Syntax of Blackfoot’s ‘Invisible’ and ‘Reportative’ Suffixes

1.00 Good byes


Posters (Saturday 4-6)

  • Bruno Andreotti (UBC)

                  Aspectual and Volitional Properties of Control Marking in Comox-Sliammon

  • Michael Barrie (Sogang)

                  Head Movement and Challenges to the Mirror Principle in Northern Iroquoian

  • Anne Bertrand (UBC)

                  A structural account of verbal agreement in Ktunaxa

  • Heather Burge (UBC)

                  Modality Marking in Tlingit

  • Julien Carrier (UoT)

                  Diachronic study of the ergative construction in North Baffin Inuktitut

  • Lea Chapman (Umass)

                  Phi-Agreement in Cherokee

  • Marianne Huijsmans (UBC)

                  The scalar exclusive operator ʔut in ʔayʔaǰuθem: ‘No more than’ and no exceptions!

  • Peter Jacobs (Uvic)

                  Here and there, now and then: Locative predicates in Swx̱wu7mesh

  • Chris Mauro (UQAM)

                  Switch reference and linguistic change in Inuktitut

  • Daniel Reisinger,  Roger Lo, & Christian Epp (UBC)

                  The Preposition-like Verb hu in ʔay̓aǰəm Comparative Constructions

  • Michael Schwan (UBC)

                  Asymmetrical reduplicant lenition in Gitksan


The program can be downloaded here