Welcome to your printable future

3d printing technology has been improving at a rapid pace. While the technology has been out for quite sometime, only recently has 3d printing progressed from just printing plastic to being able to print complex structures, metals and even organic materials. Researchers have even began printing human organs and the idea of “printing” skin to increase recovery rates of wounded patients could soon be reality. The possibilities for this technology is endless and with it becoming more accessible to the general public, we are quickly approaching the realm thought to only exist within science fiction.

But what does 3d printing mean for us today? Well companies such as Rolls-Royce have recently began plans to integrate 3d printing into their production process. Instead of waiting for parts to arrive, Rolls-Royce have to decided to print their own parts for their passenger jet engines. They believe 3d printing will not only cut down production time by months but also remove costs incurred from storage. Should their implementations work, other manufacturing companies will quickly follow suit to reap the economic profits earned by lower costs. With lower costs, consumers can enjoy lower prices and thus raise their standard of living.

How does 3D printing work?


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