Doctor Faustus and Other Nonsensical Thoughts, An Edit

by Yvy Truong

If you’re anything like me, actually seeing the play on the stage makes understanding the text very helpful. Here is the full play of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus performed at the Globe Theatre.

After watching the play I really have to say that I can’t help but scoff a little at Doctor Faustus (and I think a lot of people would agree). From my earlier blog post I mentioned how there are many stories that surround knowledge and the pursuit of it but in Fautus’ case, I found that the reason he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange of knowledge. . . ┬áVery . . . . Unmotivated. Just all of a sudden he’s bored and wants to obtain all the knowledge there is in the world and he does nothing with it. So perhaps the problem isn’t knowledge itself but what one does with knowledge obtained. The first scene is Faustus in his study and he’s just… Sittin’ there being all unsatisfied and grumpy. . . And sure he’s a scholar and whatnot, but maybe if he got off his damn butt and applied his knowledge he’d be. . . . Useful.


Damn, if I was God, I’d send him to Hell too.