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A Note on Silencing the Past

From reading Silencing the Past from Trouillot… I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about all the things in history that we don’t know about and the things that we might perhaps never know about. One question – and I can’t remember specifically what the question was, but the gist of it was why […]

A Few Notes on Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality

I’ve been so behind on my blog posts, it’s terrible! This is a draft I had from last week but I never got around to publishing it. Terrible, I know! Thinking back on Friday’s seminar there was a question that I found interesting and I’m still thinking about it here and there. The question was, […]

A Note on Two Texts: Leviathan and Discourse on Inequality

I still want to talk about Leviathan a little bit because from my last blog post, I think I missed the mark on Hobbes! I still don’t understand him but I’m still trying. So from what I heard, last seminar (the one that I missed), the group talked about … 1) Why Hobbes thought monarchy […]

Leviathan and Whatever Else

Woops, i’m a little late to the blogging party!   Well, I can’t say I agree with Hobbes but granted, what I think he is trying to do is interesting. So what is he trying to do? Well for one, there is a point that if lets say, I’m disputing with you about… What is […]

The Master and Margarita and Other Nonsensical Thoughts

Okay, bare with me because I’m very sleepy right now and I’m trying here, okay? And we all know that if I can’t get all my thoughts in one post I’ll make another post like I usually do ¬†hahahaha So today in Lecture, Miranda Burgess asked a question which really got my mind running, and […]

Doctor Faustus and Other Nonsensical Thoughts, An Edit

If you’re anything like me, actually seeing the play on the stage makes understanding the text very helpful. Here is the full play of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus performed at the Globe Theatre. After watching the play I really have to say that I can’t help but scoff a little at Doctor Faustus (and I […]

Doctor Faustus and Other Nonsensical Thoughts

God is a comedian. Life is the best running joke and Death is the punchline.   This blog post is a bit overdue and unfortunately I haven’t come to a clear stance on the play yet, but I guess I’ll write a small little blurb on what’s been on my mind when thinking about Doctor […]

Antigone’s Claim and Other Nonsensical Thoughts, A Second Edit

Okay, so maybe I’m not quite done here. I blame the coffee I had earlier.   I have to study for my Anthropology midterm but nope, not right now. Why? Because Antigone is why.   To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Antigone. I can’t hate her but I can’t like her. […]

Antigone’s Claim and Other Nonsensical Thoughts, An Edit

Someone help me, I can’t stop thinking about Antigone and Antigone’s Claim. I can’t seem to put everything on one post because once I publish something, another thing pops up.   Damn you, Sophocles. Damn you.   Right now I’m thinking about Sophocles’s intention when writing the play, because I think if I figure that […]

Antigone’s Claim and Other Nonsensical Thoughts

Truth be told, I didn’t read all of Antigone’s Claim because I found it quite dry. However, after today’s lecture I think I’ll give it another go (but that means I have to juggle between rereading Antigone for the essay, Antigone’s Claim, and Dr. Faustus). ¬†Perhaps the second time around I’ll be able to get […]

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