Save the Date for an Influential Speaker!

On November 19th we will be hosting Larry Summers, former Director of the United States’ National Economic Council, and former President of Harvard University. Mr. Summers has advised the governments of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on economic policy. He will give us an insider’s view on the economic policies pursued by President Barack Obama’s government.

You’ll receive an invitation to register, via email, on Friday Nov. 16th at 12:30pm. We expect this event to fill up fast, so be ready to register.

We will be hosting Mr. Summers on Monday, Nov. 19th from 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

This event is only open to Sauder student, staff, and faculty. We will not be able to accommodate request for non-Sauder guests.

We will be webcasting the event to two overflow rooms: HA254 and HA296.

You can watch a clip of Mr. Summers here

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