Specialization Declaration – REMINDER

PT MBA Cohort 9 Students:

Some of you may have already done this, but for those of you who have not and want one, you will need to declare specialization(s)/sub-specialization(s) by no later than April 10, 2013.

If you do not wish to specialize, you do not need to.  Any student not wishing to specialize will automatically be on the system as “MBA” (no specialization listed) and do not need to submit any application.

It is possible for a student to have a maximum of two items noted on a UBC transcript provided they meet the requirements by the time of graduation.  For an MBA student, this can be any combination of Specialization or Sub-Specialization:

1 specialization
1 sub-specialization
1 specialization and 1 sub-specialization
2 specializations
2 sub-specializations

Specialization and Sub-specialization descriptions can be found on the Current Students section of the Sauder website under the “FT MBA Specializations” tab.

Any student wishing to have any of the above noted on their transcript must email askmba@sauder.ubc.ca with the following information:

  • In the body of the message include:
    • Full Name
    • Student Number
    • Specialization and/or Sub-specialization choices (maximum of 2)

Any student wishing to change their specialization or sub-specialization should email askmba@sauder.ubc.ca with the same information above, noting in the subject that it’s a SPECIALIZATION CHOICE CHANGE.


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