Hi my name is Amy Sandberg, and I am a first year student at the University of British Columbia. Home for me is in Portland, Oregon where I’ve spent the past 18 years riding horses, singing in one of our city choirs, and of course, sporting some pretty snazzy Birkenstocks. I grew up with a community of people who didn’t find it was odd to have an impromptu marriage at our 24 Hour Church of Elvis, and who weren’t fazed in the slightest by the idea of someone going to great lengths to return a lost hula-hoop to it’s original owner. If these brief two snippets are enough to intrigue you about my wonderful city, then I highly suggest that you check out the show Portlandia on IFC (I’ve inserted the link below) and fully immerse yourself in all the quirkiness my city has to offer.

As for me, in high school I attended the only single-gender high school in the entire state. Needless to say, I was thrilled by the prospect of having male interaction as a part of my day-to-day college experience, however I wouldn’t change my high school experience for anything. During my senior year, my high school celebrated it’s 155th anniversary and I was even fortunate enough to escort one of its oldest living graduates at our Founders’ Day Mass; she was from the class of 1938! I loved being apart of something that was so rich in its history and tradition.


Well that’s about all for now.

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