Topic 2: Sustainable Forest Management


Governance, planning, and management reforms are gradually modernizing approaches towards sustainable forest management (i.e. SFM), in many cases forests continue to be managed through conventional means with single or few objectives. These often fail to manage forests for their multiple functions, and are therefore unable to adapt to, integrate, or address the challenges faced by forests today. The implementation of SFM, however, requires an effective policy and regulatory framework across sectors and institutions.

SFM is often hampered by market distortions, a lack of ownership and secure forest land tenure, and governance failures. Moreover, SFM can only work where there is strong societal recognition of, and demand for, the multiple functions of forests, and a willingness among policymakers to prioritize the long-term benefits of forests and SFM over short-term economic gains.

Video Lecture

Please view the following voice-over-ppt presentations and videos for this topic.

Module 1 Lecture 2 Part A: Historical Background of International Development of SFM Concept


Module 1 Lecture 2 Part B: Internationally Recognized Interpretations of SFM


Module 1 Lecture 2 Video: BBC Documentary – The Magical Forest


Reflection Questions

Please answer the following self-reflection questions. After formulating your answers, you may post them online at the Knowledge Café for this course as a way to share your ideas and glean knowledge from other students’ responses.

  1. Reflect on the reasons for addressing SFM on the global level.
  2. What are the conditions needed for implementing SFM?