ASIS&T will be at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

We’ve been accepted to have a table at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this summer! From June 7th-8th we’ll be amongst all the people with 3D printers, quadcopters, weird robots, and who knows what else, we’ll be showing off our own prowess in creating technical (and not so technical) stuff!

Our big project right now is to build an automatic Readers’ Advisory “fortune telling” machine, which is inspired by a number of Arduino and Raspberry Pi powered printing machines (for a more completed list check this doc).

We’ve just got our Raspberry Pi in the mail and are super excited to start using it! However, we need you to suggest books for our machine! So go to this doc and write us a (one sentence!) review of a few of your favourite books.

And here’s a picture of our Pi! So exciting!

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Meeting Minutes, 2014/03/24

Meeting start: 1:10 PM
Meeting adjourned: 2:00 PM
Chair: Eka, Mikale
Attendees: Eka Grguric, Mikale Fenton, Anna Ferri, Monica Swamiraj, Krista Parham, Matthew Murray, Samantha Mills, Hedda Monaghan
1. Excel workshop
Sam and Mikale put together an Excel resource list on google docs for beginner level users. It can be used as a ready-reckoner during job interviews, at the job etc. Sam/Mikale will send the list to google group and Matthew will publish it to the blog.
Jeremy Buhler, Jonathan Kift, Jonathan Schatz will be interested in hosting a workshop for SLAIS students later on.
Matthew mentioned Google/Open Refine, which offers some neat features for cleaning up data including facets for non-numerical data.

2. Raspberry Pie for Raspberry pi
Krista (our new treasurer) will keep the proceedings from the bake sale and deposit them later. Krista, Stephanie and Eka will pie-sit the day of.

Why raspberry pi? We are building a robot to facilitate learning at SLAIS. Students can borrow from ASIS&T to do school projects. Matthew mentioned that Woodward has arduino kits to borrow.
(P.S: Event over! Krista sent an update on our collection: $188.90)
3. Elections!
Here’s the result of our elections:
Co-Chair: Hedda
Treasurer: Krista
Secretary: Monica
Web master/communications officer: Matthew

Matthew proposed a new position Chief Robot Officer (CRO) and nominated Stephanie. Everyone at the meeting liked the idea.

4. ASIS&T conference
This year at Seattle! We could car-pool to go south and come back. Cost for students would be around $150-200. We can arrange lodging with students at UofW through ALA/ASIS&T chapters. Students are welcome to submit paper/panels/workshops/posters.
(P.S: Matthew forwarded the Call for papers for the conference)

5. Other business
a. Eka proposed organising “Coding meetups” on Monday nights where anyone can bring things to code. The idea is to keep it open so folks from HCI concentration/CS students can also join in.
General consensus was to have it later in the week, say Thursday. Eka will send an email to confirm.
b. Thursday (March 27) evening there is a Maker education meeting, Matthew and Sam are attending. We have received preliminary approval and now have a table at Maker Faire.
(P.S: Matthew forwarded the confirmation email to the group)
c. BCLA mixer is happening next Wednesday (April 2) night. Information will be posted on Twitter/Tumblr. Watch that space for an exciting opportunity network.
d. THAT camp is on April 5th. We could all go together from SLAIS.

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Excel Resources

Lots of people wish that SLAIS would offer a course (or something!) in Excel, so we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands!

Here is the preliminary Excel training/resources document Mikale and Samantha prepared. Feel free to add, edit, and use as you see fit – it might be a good jumping off point for some study groups once classes are over!


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Meeting Minutes, March 10th, 2014

Meeting start: 1:05 PM

Meeting adjourned: 1:40 PM

Chair: Mikale Fenton

Attendees: Mikale Fenton, Anna Ferri, Matthew Murray, Hedda Monaghan, Stepahnie Fan and Monica Swamiraj.

1. Previous meeting notes were approved. The last ‘official’ meeting was on Oct 15. We spoke briefly about the 2 meetings (in Dec + in Jan at Grad pub) that were not recorded.

2. Elections will be held in 2 weeks from now (week of 23rd). Mikale will touch-base with Eka and send out the dates.
3. Excel workshop
- Excel workshop will be conducted on the 24th.
- But Stephanie will not be available.
- Format: The goal of the workshop is to make SLAISers confident about working with Excel. Rather than a live demo of Excel, a list of resources for learning/mastering Excel will be presented. A handout will be distributed during the workshop and posted online after.

- LASSA meeting on the 24th. So schedule between 1 and 2 PM?

- Mikale will discuss with Samantha and get back on the final date

4. “Raspberry Pi” promotion event - ASIS&T bake sale!

- Date: Wednesday Mar 26 (11-2)

- Volunteers needed to bake/sell pies (Matthew, Eka, Hedda, Mikale bringing pies)

- We will have other baked goods as well (Stephanie, Monica can bring something)

- Signup sheet will be created in google docs and sent out
5. Funding
- How much money do we have?
From Eka: We have $150.00 at present.
- We discussed turning ASIS&T into AMS club for additional funding (and also to enable students from other disciplines to join) (not a formal motion yet)
From Eka: $100 which we’re supposed to receive every year, $300 for the two unconferences (70 for food and drink + extra for paying a guest speaker / gifts), and $300 for other since we’ve never asked for money before (including the $100 we are supposed to ask for).
- Can we apply to ASIS&T (the society) for funding? When?
From Eka: Submissions for funding from ASIS&T get submitted in September each year. We missed it last year because we didn’t know it was possible until October and I suggest we request $700.
6. Membership discussions
- should we trim google group?
- Or make AGM attendance mandatory for members and remove others from list?
- How do we get a quorum for the elections?
(No solution or formal motion put forward today)
7. Nominations for election
- Co-Chair position: Hedda
- Secretary: Monica
- Treasurer: Krista Parham
- Communications officer: Matthew / Eka
8. Maker Faire brainstorming
- Application will be submitted by Matthew by this Friday
- New ideas proposed today: Course recommendation game/ Arduino (vs Raspberry pie)
9. Feedback on Research Day
- Eric Meyers stopped by for a couple of minutes
- Said very good feedback for research day assistance
Next meeting: Mar 11 at 1, will be chaired by Eka. Because of the date confusion.

Action Items:
1. Mikale – discuss with Eka, finalize date for AGM, election
2. Mikale – discuss with Samantha, finalize date for Excel workshop
3. Stephanie – follow up with Danielle on details for Raspberry pie (kit constituents, price etc)
4. Matthew – submit application for Maker Faire by this Friday

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Our First Unconference!

A few weeks ago we ran our first unconference, and it was a great success! We had discussion and demonstrations on:

You can checkout notes that people made about those discussions (and add your own comments about what you learned!) on the shared Google docs.

We’re hoping to have more events like this in the future, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Samantha Mills for the photographs. 

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Cool Tools Unconference, January 10th

What’s an “Unconference”?
Basically,  it  means  YOU  call  the  shots! There’s  food,  coffee  and  nametags  like  a real conference – but YOU submit, vote on and  lead  the  sessions,  in  a  safe,  SLAISers only space.

Each session will focus on a particular tool, topic or issue submitted by YOU, exploring the question:
“How can this affect, enhance, or challenge our work as information students and professionals?”

You DO NOT need to prepare a formal presentation. Simply submit a topic, & be prepared to suggest areas of conversation and/or briefly demonstrate your Cool Tool to a small group.



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October 15th Meeting Minutes

1.     There are two open exec positions! Elections will be held at the next meeting — if you are interested in becoming an exec for ASIS&T please come prepared with a short blurb on why we should elect you. If only one person wants each position it’ll be smooth sailing but if we have to hold a vote, blurbs are important so come prepared just in case.

Available Positions:
  • Co-Chair - Reports to the members; along with the chair helps draft a year end report which we submit to ASIS&T;  liaises with other chapters as well as the parent organization. Chair’s other half who tag teams when necessary.
  • Secretary - Primarily takes meeting minutes and is responsible for making them available to the membership. Keeps a record of chapter activities in good order.
If you would like more information on either position feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with our ex-co-chair and secretary.

2.     The Unconference has been moved to January - there was talk on having it in the first week of classes and pairing it with the January SLAIS potluck. There will be an Unconference planning meeting soon (time and location TBA), if interested in being a part of the planning committee please e-mail me or me at

3.     MAGIC lab demo night is on Thursday, November 21st from 5pm – 8pm at the MAGIC Lab (which is in the Forestry Building at UBC).
4.     LASSA is hosting a SLAIS Halloween Party on October 30th from 7pm – 11pm! There will be invitations in your SLAIS mailboxes. It is at Thea’s Lounge in Koerner House (where new student orientation took place) and costumes are highly encouraged.

And last but not least – KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for a doodle to determine when our All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi-with-Karaoke-and-a-Pub night is going to happen. 


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Fall Semester is a Go!

The first ASIS&T meeting of the year is happening soon. You should come!

When: Tuesday, September 10th, 12-1pm
Where: Trail Room at SLAIS

If you want to learn more about ASIS&T send us an email, join our mailing list, or check out our wiki!

Mailing List:!forum/asist-ubc

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New ASIS&T Executive for 2013-2014

Dear ASIS&T members,

The results of the AGM and elections today were as follows:

Chair: Eka Grguric
Co-Chair & Secretary: Elissa How
Communications Officers: Matthew Murray
Treasurer: Jordan Hatt

Other business discussed at today’s meeting:

1) We’re sorry to report that the World Community Grid proposal has been rejected due to security concerns.
2) Eric Meyers, our faculty advisor, raised the possibility of ASIS&T organizing next year’s Research Day.
3) The idea of larger, once per term Cool Tools events in an unconference format was raised, and will continue to be discussed when the new exec meets next.

Congrats to our new ASIS&T executive! And thanks to all our members for a great year. See you out there,


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Member vote in favor of name change to Association for Information Science & Technology

Dear All,

The voting process regarding the proposed name change of our association has now concluded, with 89.7% in favor of the change to Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). 

The Board will now work with Headquarters to implement the change.

Thanks to all members who voted! We look forward to continuing to work with you and on your behalf as we begin this new era for our association.

Best regards,

Diane Sonnenwald, Immediate Past President

Andrew Dillon, President

Harry Bruce, Incoming President

Linda A. Smith, President 2010-2011

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