What is ASIS&T at UBC?

The student group of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

Here’s the Student Chapter Manual for ASIS&T groups.

How can I get involved in ASIS&T at UBC?

Meetings are held regularly from September – April, and anyone is welcome. Times and dates of meetings will be announced on our mailing list.

Officers serve for the period May of the year elected to August of the following year, acting as advisors to incoming officers during the overlap of the summer term.

For a current list of officers, and descriptions of each role, please click here.

What can ASIS&T offer at UBC?

  • A chance to bring together students involved in the information sciences from across campus!
  • Develop programs and events of interest to our student body
  • Social, networking, and discussion groups
  • Career and educational development opportunities

Other frequently asked questions

Is there an e-mail list for the Student Chapter? How do I subscribe?

Yes, there is. You can find the Google Group here.

Do I need to become a student member of ASIS&T to participate in activities held by the Student Chapter at UBC?

Nope! Anyone interested in our activities is invited to come and participate. That said, we do encourage you to become an ASIS&T (student) member for all the benefits the organization offers.