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Committee Topics

In case you want them for your reference, here they are. As you can see, we are missing a topic for WHO but we are working on it! Feel free to make suggestions.

Security Council

1.  Situation in Somalia and its implications for regional instability in the horn of Africa

2. Combatting the proliferation of small arms to conflict zones

General Assembly Plenary

1. Solutions to brain drain in developing nations

2. The exploitation of children in terrorist organizations

3. Combatting contemporary threats to food security

World Health Organization

1.  Ensuring access to clean water and sanitation

2.  Strengthening global management and development of health care workers


International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

1. Improving transparency as a means of combatting financial corruption

2. Limiting private corporations’ ownership of natural resources

3. New approaches to sustainable debt alleviation

UN Human Rights Council

1.  Preserving the right to freedom of religious expression

2.  Protecting victims of politically-motivated sexual violence in conflict zones

3.  Upholding the security and human rights of civilians in disputed territories

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

1.  Status of Indigenous Land Rights and Self-Determination

2.  Status on the Implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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