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Seminar Evaluation!

Please please please follow the link and complete the survey. It is super-short and will benefit you, myself, and everyone in the seminar. We still have six weeks left together, so let’s improve them while we have time!

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Interesting Links!

Here’s a short article that relates to what we talked about last class when discussing regional vs. universal organizations. (I don’t generally like nor read CNN articles, but this happened to be included in my Google Alerts)

Here’s a super-cool website Iana sent me. It shows things like population changes, emissions in CO2, and is generally pretty trippy to look at. Thanks Iana!

International Development professional Alanna Shaikh examines progress made at the past weeks high-level UN summit in her latest blog post.

* If anyone comes across any helpful, seminar-relevant, or just generally interesting links, please post them on the blog! Let me know if you have any problems getting on to the dashboard of the blog.

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Does Canada need a seat on the SC?

Check out this Globe and Mail article on Harpers push for an elected Security Council seat amid Canada’s failure to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Here is what Harper said at the summit yesterday.

Does Canada really need a SC seat? Do you think we will get it?

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Committee Topics

In case you want them for your reference, here they are. As you can see, we are missing a topic for WHO but we are working on it! Feel free to make suggestions.

Read More…

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Myanmar’s Upcoming Election

Though no one in the class is chairing either of the Myanmar case study forums, I think it would be great to stay updated on what’s going on there, as we will still be covering it in class.

Here’s the latest update from the UN News Centre. It’ll be exciting to see how the election plays out and how that will impact the forums!

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UN Structure – simplified

This isn’t exactly what UBCMUN looks like, but it’s closer than the larger, scary-looking chart!

* As a note, UNPFII fits under ECOSOC.

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Welcome to ASTU400E!

Welcome to our seminar blog! We will be using this throughout the course to post notes, news updates, questions, readings, etc.!

Looking forward to meeting everyone in September!


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