Emotional Competency

Emotional Competency

After watching the video with Dr. Lee Brown, I thought I would explore more information about the idea of emotional education as well as Dr. Brown, himself.  Through the UBC website, I found a bio as well as a presentation on Emotional Competency and Its Effects on Health.  Once you open the website, click on the Download Presentation Notes link towards the bottom of the webpage.

This presentation begins with a historical look into the world of emotions.  From Aristotle to John Locke, Dr. Brown explores man’s evolution of thought.  He then moves into a discussion about how our ability to be emotionally aware (competent) can add to our longevity and general well-being.  There is great information within this presentation which provides further insight into his online video discussion this week, including the Principles of Emotional Communication which would assist any teacher in any classroom.

To access the website: http://learningcircle.ubc.ca/2011/03/emotional-competency-its-effects-on-health/

(Module 1 – Post 5)

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