Module 1-3 “Hands Back and Hands Forward”

I have selected our school district’s Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement as a resource because it informs educators in our district – keeping at the forefront our “why”.

As the Agreement states:

“It is the expectation of this Agreement that the following partners will work together for the benefit and success of our Aboriginal students:

  • Elders
  • Máthexwi, Kwantlen, Katzie First Nations
  • Waceya (M̀etis Nation)
  • Inuit
  • Lower Fraser Valley Aboriginal Society(Urban Aboriginal Community)
  • Xyolhemeylh (Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children& Family Services Society)
  • Cultural Presenters
  • ya:əstə “Working Together” (Aboriginal Advisory board)
  • School District #35 (Langley)
  • Lexwey (Aboriginal Support Workers)
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Students
  • Families
  • Ministry of Education

The goal to promote the success of all aboriginal students in our schools by surrounding our students with community.

Dr. Vincent Slogan, a Musqueam Elder and his teaching “Hands Back and Hands Forward” inspired the logo design and continues to inspire powerful conversations in our district.

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