UBC Geosciences Discord Server

Looking for extra support from your peers this midterm season? Want a centralized place to access resources for all your EOSC classes? Look no further!

The Dawson club has set up a Discord server for UBC’s undergraduate Geosciences and EOSC classes! If one of your classes doesn’t have a channel yet, simply let one of our club executives know and we’ll be happy to create a course channel. Make sure to spread the word – the more people who join, the more help you can get! We will also be using it as a platform to announce club events and job opportunities, host study sessions and more.

Click here to join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/RN4xpQPtxb

We hope to see you there!

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Voting for 2021/22 Club Executives

You can find the voting form here.

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COVID-19 Update – September 2021

Hi everyone, welcome back to another year at UBC! We hope everyone is doing well, and is excited to be back in-person after the last year of virtual learning. As we transition back into face-to-face lectures and campus activities, we are taking the maximum precautions, as per UBC guidelines and Provincial Health Orders, to ensure the safety of our club executives and members, as well as the wider department and UBC community.

The Dawson club room will be open for use, for example during the club meetings, however we are taking maximum efforts to be vaccinated, and will be following the mask mandates in accordance with BC’s restrictions. We request that attendees at our in-person events throughout the year, and members of the EOAS department, take care to follow social distancing protocols and mask mandates, to ensure the health and wellbeing of the whole community. We will also try our best to make our club meetings and events accessible to those who are in quarantine or otherwise unable to attend in-person, by offering virtual alternatives where possible. Make sure to follow us on our social media pages to stay updated on the latest club events and information. We are very excited to see everyone in classes, and at the numerous fun events we have planned throughout the year!

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Website Update – September 2020

Hey everyone! Now that our education and club activities have moved entirely online, we have decided to revamp this G.M. Dawson Club website with updated information. You can now find recent updates on club meetings, club and industry events, and exciting academic and industry opportunities right here on our website! You can still find all this on our FaceBook and Instagram too.

For information on our 2020/2021 online club meetings, click HERE!

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Hawaii 2013!

After a very successful trip to Hawaii last year, the G.M. Dawson Club will be returning again in February. Highlights of the trip will include a tour of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, lava flows (old and new), green sand beaches, and various other volcano influenced landscapes. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for live updates and photos from the trip.

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Ugly Sweater Party!

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/252311554891761/?fref=ts

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T-Shirt Design Contest

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Karaoke Night!

It just might be your big break. Check out the event page on Facebook.


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Back From The Bush

First party of the year is coming up fast. Check out the event on Facebook.

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Annual EOS Semi-Formal Ball

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