Mentor Support Session

by msparksc ~ January 24th, 2012. Filed under: Home.

Last Friday we held our very first mentor support session.  We got great feedback from mentors about how they and their mentees are doing in the program so far.  With this feedback we hope to improve aspects of the program to make sure eMentroing is running efficiently as possible.  We also made sure that mentors were up to date about what is going on on our end.  We are planning to do future support sessions to further guide mentors and ensure communication stays strong between everyone involved! Because we are growing so fast with mentor applications coming in from other post secondary institutions such as SFU and UVIC, we are moving these mentor support sessions to an online, webinar format so that we can maximize attendance. A lot of these students have heavy schedules, so arranging day time meetings is often a huge challenge. By hosting webinars online during the evening, mentors can connect from anywhere! Just another smart way to use technology!

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