Academic and Organizational Partners

This project wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated team of individuals from First Nations communities, organizations, and academic institutions.


Organizations:, Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, First Nation’s Technology Council, First Nations Schools Association, Vancouver Island Health Authority,¬†

Institutional Partners: UBC’s Institute for Aboriginal Health’s Summer Science Program, UBC’s Indigenous Students in Science and Health Science Students Associations, College of New Caledonia, UBC-O, UBC’s First Nations House of Learning, UBC Health Science Students Association


Helen Novak Lauscher, Assistant Director of the eHealth Strategy Office

James Andrew, Aboriginal Programs Coordinator in UBC’s Department of Family Practice

Kendall Ho, Associate Professor UBC Dept of Emergency Medicine, VCHRI, and Director UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office

Lee Brown, Director of the UBC Institute for Aboriginal Health

Lesley Bainbridge, UBC College of Health Disciplines

Michal Fedeles, Senior Education Consultant and Adjunct Professor, SFU Faculty of Health Sciences 

Robert Woollard, UBC Department of Family Practice

Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Surgery, and Associate Director of UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office.

Tim Michel, Aboriginal Coordinator in UBC’s Faculty of Science

TO BECOME INVOLVED: please contact Katherine Wisener, at


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