E-Marking Start!

Finally, e-marketing starts tonight: so excited!  Marketing is my favorite subject so far, which has been challenging for my work-life because I’ve been pigeon-holed in finance.  But I’ve managed to side-step my way into a temporary contract position (month-to-month currently) which is kind of in marketing (my boss’s boss’s boss is VP Marketing).


I’m a bit intimidated by the syllabus.  12 pages long is quite a syllabus!  Still reading through it, and just set up my blog, so things are moving even before the classes start.


I’m a bit confused by page 1 of the syllabus (at the bottom) because it says classes are on Wednesdays (which agrees with what I signed up for), but then it says “Mondays: 6-9:30” … I guess this will get clarified tonight.

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