Activity 1: But what does it all meme?

If you spend any amount of time exploring the Dudeism website, you will notice that direct quotes from “The Big Lebowski” and puns are prevalent as a form of self expression. The language is idiosyncratic and light-hearted but the message is serious. (Brandt, 2015)

In true dude form, we are going to explore a more serious topic in a light-hearted way.

Activity 1: What does it all meme?

This assignment requires you to work in small groups to create a meme that explores the idea of online communities “takin’ it easy” and relaxing together. After the memes are created we will post them to the class website and present them to each other.

Your meme should address one of the following themes:

  • A  perspective on ‘relaxing’ or taking it easy
  • A perspective on not being able to relax due to technology
  • A comment on the ease of connecting with technology
  • A comment on how to be spiritual in the context of technology

History of Internet memes:

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a meme is “an idea, behaviour, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” The word was first coined by Richard Dawkins (1976) to try and explain the spread of cultural information. Internet memes differ (as Mike Godwin proposed in 1993), as they are altered by human creativity and are traceable through media. 1

So essentially, memes are a display of human connectivity, and can offer a glimpse into our collective spiritual and technological consciousness.

Characteristics of a meme:

  • Typically a meme re-uses a common, recognizable snapshot or image with original or “quoted”  text layered over it
  • Are often humorous or clever
  • Typically have text oriented at the top and bottom of the image


Step 1: Create Meme

 Use the Create a Meme Website here:

For COPYRIGHT purposes, you must use the the “upload a picture” function to create your meme. You can use a picture that you’ve taken yourself or from one of the Open Resources we’ve provided. Picture AND content must be APPROPRIATE for school. Do not use pictures of other people or yourself. Pictures must be approved by the teacher before being used.

Picture Resources:

Step 2: Copy the “Image Only URL” or the “direct link”.

Step 3: Add your meme to the padlet below

a) Click the button in the top-right corner of the padlet to open in full-screen on a new tab.


b) Use the + button at the bottom of the window

c) Click Add an Attachment and paste the meme url

Feel free to spend some time exploring the Dudeism Website for inspiration.

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1 Internet meme. (n.d.). Retrieved October 27, 2016, from