fullsizerenderCharmalee Kirk
Charmalee is currently taking her first three MET courses and really enjoying the challenge! She has just moved to Vancouver from Saskatoon and is excited about the opportunities the program will offer in her work teaching English as a Second Language.



Alexis Handford
Alexis is a first-year MET student, living in Calgary, Alberta! Alexis works as support staff to deploy adult continuing education courses, and is hoping to transition to a leadership role in curriculum development and usability in the future. Alexis would like to consider herself a “Dude,” and is working daily to perfect her ‘mellowing out’ strategies.

professional-profile-1Sally Bourque
Sally is a first-year MET student, living in Whitehorse, Yukon. She works for the Information Technology and Learning Commons department at Yukon College and aspires to continue gaining experience and wisdom around the intersection of “technology” and “learning”.  In this fast-paced, often misunderstood and contentious field, Sally has gained a new appreciation for the art of “takin’ it easy” and the role that technology can play.

katie-coxKatie Cox
Katie is a first-year MET student and new Dudeism convert. When she’s not espousing the ‘take it easy’ lifestyle, she works as an editor for a company that creates e-learning and training solutions for companies around the world. She hopes to transition to an instructional design role and is excited about how the MET courses will help achieve this goal.

Authors Note: This course was designed for senior secondary-level students.