Look to the future

You’ve now seen some examples of the interplay between technology and spirituality, but let’s now explore the idea that technology can increase our pace of life. While there are many possibilities contributing to this phenomenon, information and communication technologies are seen as the main drivers of a life on hyper-speed (Wajcman, 2008), where we have 24/7 immediacy and sometimes 911 urgency (Adams, 2012).

Watch from 2:18 to 4:23 in the video below to see Sherry Turkle’s perspective on our connection to the Web and the impact this can have on us.

After watching the video, discuss the following questions with a partner:

  1. “Turn to your neighbour” – and ask them to explain something about the video to you.
  2. What is it that makes you want to check social media (like Facebook, for example)?
  3. What do you think about Sherry Turkle’s statement that our phones are changing who we are? Why do you think that?
  4. What questions do you still have after watching this? Discuss with a partner.

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Are we using technology and communication as a way to fill a void and to search for meaning? And, like Sherry Turkle suggests, are we choosing mere connection over meaningful conversation? Overuse of technology is seen by many as dangerous, but now let’s think about the notion that technology can also act as our savior. This idea may sound strange, but think back to the spiritual and technological connection. Going forward, can we use technology to find ways to live spiritually, live simply, and live honestly? Can we use it to make meaningful connections to each other or even to connections outside of ourselves?


Video attribution: TED Talk by Sherry Turkle: Connected, but Alone?