Publication in the Canadian Journal of Higher Education

An article I co-authored with Kristi Kenyon and Dr. Wendy Roth was just published in the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education. It is always a great feeling to see an article finally in print, but this one is particularly satisfying because we had been working on it since the end of the first year of my Master’s! It is on a topic (international students) totally different from the work that I usually do, but one that I find fascinating, especially as someone who would identify as an ‘in-between’ international student.

The article is entitled “The Ambiguities of International Student Status: American Undergraduate Students in Canada“, and here is the abstract:

As Canadian universities seek to attract more international students, one of the largest groups of international students has received little programmatic attention: Americans. Relying on 120 qualitative interviews with undergraduates at the University of British Columbia, we ask how the experiences of these American students differ from those of other international students, and how well international student services meet the group’s needs. Although American students resemble domestic students in some respects, they face similar adaptational challenges as other international students in others. Yet American students are often less prepared to meet those challenges because of low expectations of cultural and institutional difference, and because they do not see themselves as part of the international student community toward which services are directed. By targeting services on the basis of broad administrative categories created for financial purposes, the university reduces the take-up of the very services students need.

You can read the full text of the article here.

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