Project Proposal + Progress

Weekly Objectives:

We aim to continue the data collection phase of our project in hopes to fill out the remaining blanks for recorded food assets. In the following weeks, we each aim to each cover a neighbourhood in Vancouver and record as many food assets as we can in our designated neighbourhoods.

Objectives Dates
Continue collecting data to fill blanks in current Food Asset Map excel document October 12-19
Assign communities for data collection for each group member October 12
Collectively update Food Asset Map excel file October 19
Begin to analyse data October 19-26

Ongoing Objective:Keep in contact with the group Facebook Chat for any updates regarding this project. This allows our group to be up to date with all current project information.



As of October 9th:

We have completed our group proposal

Begin to undertake data collection

Reviewed important information from community member emails


Moments of significance:


After the introduction to our project at the Evergreen Community Centre, we learned the scale of our project and how important food assets are to a neighbourhood. We were later assigned the Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood as our community in which we were to present the final Vancouver Food Asset map in November. Afterwards, we were ready to begin working on our project proposal.

The most significant part of our project so far was creating our group proposal. We found it rather challenging to clearly articulate our ideas into a formal piece of writing, as we each had a take on what we thought the proposal should look like. However, in the end, with guidance from Will and Francisco, we managed to agree on several main points that would be the basis for our proposal. In the beginning of writing the proposal, we had some difficulties assigning sections to each group member, as we all had ideas to contribute for each section. We resolved these issues when we decided to brainstorm for a rough copy of the proposal before completing the final copy.


So What?

Through our collaborative efforts we were able to produce a project proposal that collectively satisfied our group. We learned that through sharing ideas with one another, we were able to gain a different perspective and further improve our own ideas.

Although at times it might have seemed difficult to coordinate the writing of our proposal, we were able to realise our problems and further enforce our roles in the team to accomplish this task. Being able to balance a friendly environment between group mates and getting work done was incredibly rewarding in the end of this proposal, as we pulled through and learned how each other worked.


Now What?

Learning how each of our group members works through this first assignment allows us to better prepare for future collaborative group work. We all aim to do what is best for our project and by accepting each others ideas and criticisms, we can all effectively work towards our set goals.


Detailed Objectives and Strategies:

  • Begin to organize group members into designated neighbourhoods- Currently collecting data from around our own neighbourhoods
  • Plan out questions to ask during info session on Oct.19

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