Lab Members:

Jedrzej Gozdzik (Grad Student, Chemistry)
Yang Liu (Grad Student, Botany)
Alberto Ruiz Orduna (Grad Student, Chemistry)
Yulin Sun (Grad Student, Botany)
Daisy Zhang (Grad Student, Botany)
Dr. Li Sun (Visiting Professor)
Tristan Jeffery (Undergrad Student, Biology)

Former Group Members:
Jason Au
Veronika Boyeva
Dr. Christopher Buschhaus
Dr. Lucas Busta
Assad Dharsi
Dr. Stephen Greer
Dr. Ortwin Guhling
Hong Han
Dr. Daniela Hegebarth
Dr. Yanjun Guo
Xiufeng Ji
Shagha Kayem
Christine Lai
Dr. Fengling Li
Alvaro Luna-Cortes
Chen Peng
Dr. Radu Racovita
Dr. Michael Riedel
Clare Scott
Mariya Skvortsova
Torsten Vielhaber
Dr. Zhonghua Wang
Dr. Miao Wen
May Wu
Ruonan Yao
Dr. Trevor Yeats

New graduate students

I welcome applications for graduate positions (MSc. or PhD). I am looking for students who have a strong interest in combining chemical or biological methods in a Chemical Biology context. Preferably, you will work on one of the projects described above, specializing on suitable plant systems or chemistries. Basic experience with analytical and/or molecular biological techniques is very desirable.

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