Lab Members:

Sydney Bell USA
Sydney grew up in Virginia, and completed her BSc in Chemistry at UBC with a focus on analytical chemistry and agricultural sustainability. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Chemistry with the Jetter Lab. Her main passions in research are in novel compound identification with GC-MS and crop drought resistance. Outside the lab, she enjoys inventing new recipes in her kitchen (to varying success) and exploring outdoors.




Jedrzej Gozdzik POL
Jedrzej completed his MChem undergraduate studies at the University of Warwick in the UK, where he worked in Dr. Manuela Tosin’s group on the development of probes of natural product biosynthesis. After a year in industry with Johnson & Matthey, he moved to Vancouver in 2017 to join Dr. Reinhard Jetter’s lab in UBC. Since then, he’s been researching the composition and biosynthesis on specialized wax compounds covering the cuticle of many species of plants to ultimately help work towards development of crops with increased drought resistance. When not in the lab he enjoys music, hiking, sports (playing and watching), books, games (board and video) and experimenting in the kitchen.


Dwiti Mistry CAN
Dwiti is a second year chemistry PhD student in the Jetter lab. She did her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences at University of Waterloo, where she had a great time learning a bit of everything. Currently, she’s studying the cuticular wax composition of three species that are specific to the Pacific to try and find clues that could give insight into their secondary alcohol compound biosynthesis. When she’s not in the lab, you’ll usually find her running, eating chocolate, or in California.




Yulin Xi CHN
Yulin is from Beijing, China, and did her undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta in Immunology and Infection. In the last year of her undergrad, she found she preferred chemistry over immunology, bringing her to the Jetter Lab. Currently, she’s focusing on analytical chemistry based on gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry (GC-MS). Beside research, her life is filled with music, TV series, travelling, and the Myers-Briggs personality theories.




Zhonghang Zhang (Daisy) CHN
Daisy grew up in China and received her BSc in Agronomy from the China Agriculture University. She then received her MPhil degree in Biology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying seed development in maize. In 2017, she started her Ph.D. in Botany with the Jetter Lab. Using molecular genetics, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry, her research focuses on condensing enzyme characterization, including Poaceae DMP activities and enzyme structure, 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase functional analysis, and Drimys winteri wax composition analysis. Outside the lab, Daisy loves oil painting, snowboarding, eating hotpot, and exploring new places and restaurants.


Past Group Photos:

Former Group Members:
Jason Au
Vince Bacarac
Veronika Boyeva
Dr. Christopher Buschhaus
Dr. Lucas Busta
Assad Dharsi
Dr. Stephen Greer
Dr. Ortwin Guhling
Hong Han
Dr. Daniela Hegebarth
Dr. Yanjun Guo
Tristan Jeffery
Xiufeng Ji
Shagha Kayem
Christine Lai
Dr. Fengling Li
Alvaro Luna-Cortes
Chen Peng
Dr. Radu Racovita
Dr. Michael Riedel
Alberto Ruiz Orduna
Clare Scott
Mariya Skvortsova
Dr. Li Sun
Dr. Yulin Sun
Torsten Vielhaber
Dr. Zhonghua Wang
Dr. Ruohan Wang
Dr. Miao Wen
May Wu
Ruonan Yao
Dr. Trevor Yeats
Danni Zhu


New graduate students

I welcome applications for graduate positions (MSc. or PhD). I am looking for students who have a strong interest in combining chemical or biological methods in a Chemical Biology context. Preferably, you will work on one of the projects described above, specializing on suitable plant systems or chemistries. Basic experience with analytical and/or molecular biological techniques is very desirable.

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