Exciting Events Past, Present, and Future at SLAIS

We hope some of you made it to LASSA’s two recent events: the Welcome Back Potluck last Friday and the first of many Board Games afternoons at SLAIS. Check out SLAIS students having so much nerdy fun!

students playing board gamesKeep a lookout for more info about lots of other events coming up. The next Board Games afternoon is on Thursday, September 21st, at 12:00 p.m (meet in the lounge!).

We are also planning a follow up event to last year’s super successful Stormcrow Toonie Pub Night. How it works: show up to the Stormcrow pub (Broadway location), get food and/or drinks, meet people outside your cohort, play board games, chat, have fun, get a toonie from LASSA to put towards your bill! This event is slated for Friday, October 6th.

We are also in the depths of planning the annual Halloween Party, which will be happening on campus Saturday, October 28th. Start planning your (not culturally appropriative) costume now! We are also looking for anyone in the student body who has a Serving It Right certification to serve alcohol during the Halloween Party. You would NOT have to commit to serving the whole night. Let us know at lassa.ubc@gmail.com if you are interested.

addams-family-values standing in front of fireplace

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First 2017-18 LASSA Meeting and Upcoming Student Orientation and Welcome Potluck in September

The 2017-2018 LASSA executive just had its first meeting yesterday! If you’re interested to know the details of what we talked about, check out the meeting minutes. We’re planning two events the first week of classes: a new student orientation on September 5th and a welcome potluck for new and old students, faculty, and staff on September 8th. Exact times and locations to be announced! We’ll see you then!

Hopefully our spread at the potluck will look as good as this!


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Happy Summer from LASSA!

While things are quieter around here over the summer, rest assured you can look forward to business-type and social-type stuff that will be happening when the fall semester starts in September. In the meantime, check out all the students who are at SLAIS right now:

Poster board with photos of all students

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The LASSA Toonie Pub Night Was a Rip-Roaring Nerdy Success

Last Thursday a bunch of Slaisers gathered for a LASSA social event in the very apt setting of the Storm Crow pub, which is probably the nerdiest pub that ever existed as it is full to the brim of geek pop culture from LOTR playing on the TVs to a whole back wall full of boardgames to fantasy and science fiction inspired drinks like Butterbeer. LASSA knocked $2 off everyone’s bill because LASSA is awesome like that, and it looks like everyone had a great time. These events are really rad cause they’re some of the only opportunities for you to get to know people outside of your cohort and/or people pursuing a different area of librarianship / archives who you’ll never have classes with.  Check us out being all nerdy playing games and drinking beer and stuff. This was actually near the end of the night when some people had gone home already! Watch for the next fun LASSA event coming up soon!


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New Term, New Faces at SLAIS

LASSA had their first meeting of 2017 today, and we talked about a bunch of exciting stuff. Stay tuned for upcoming events in January, including a pub night and a games night/afternoon. You can check out the Meeting Minutes page for more details about that and past meetings. We also just got the new students’ photos in. Check out the board by the department entrance later today to see the new faces (and probably a rearrangement of where your picture is, if you’re a continuing student). Here are Margrith, Ean, and Leïla sorting out all the new (and old pictures). Doesn’t it look like fun?! LASSA is fun, and important, and (hint, hint) we’re always looking for new members.


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Beginning of term potluck!

As is usual we had a potluck the first Friday of the new semester. It was quite successful and many people came! Here are some photos.P1030427P1030422P1030423 P1030426

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Meeting Minutes, August 26th, 2014

LASSA Minutes 8-26-14

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2014-2015 School Year Meeting #2
Date: August 26, 2014
Time: 12:00
Location: Trail Room

In attendance:
Kelsey Ockert (MLIS Co-President)
Nicole Askin (Secretary)
Monica Swamiraj (Events Coordinator)
Michael Wynne (AMS Representative)
Nichole DeMichelis (MLIS First-Year Representative)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Rachel Balko (MACL Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Regrets (Excused):
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Roohie Kaur (Treasurer)
Chris Stephenson (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Alamir Novin (PhD Representative)
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Meeting called to order by Kelsey at 12:06.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved via email with no revisions during the summer months.

1. LASSA Appreciation Awards & Ice Cream Social Debrief

2. LASSA Meetings
Kelsey reports mostly positive feedback from these two events. The faculty were not particularly happy about the admin and faculty awards, as they feared these were too much of a popularity contest. Nominating comments were distributed to non-winning students. Faculty praised the kid-friendliness of the ice cream social.

A. Location: Kelsey will check the availability of the Trail Room for this year’s LASSA meetings and will distribute a Doodle poll to determine the most amenable meeting times.

B. Agendas: Agendas will be emailed out prior to meetings rather than printed. If meetings are held in the Trail Room, they will additionally be written on the whiteboard.

3. Orientation: 207/209 SUB, 12-3pm, 2 September 2014. Kelsey will send an email to the club presidents and the student body at large informing them of this event.

A. Introduction: Kelsey and/or Nichole will be introducing LASSA and its function within SLAIS. The introduction will include details on Nichole’s role as first-year representative, information on the upcoming potluck, important sources of information (mailing list, Facebook page, calendar), and open executive positions (which potentially include treasurer, MAS representative, member-at-large, AMS representative, and GSS representative – exact openings to be confirmed). Nichole will create and send out a Google document to plan what will be said and to potentially develop a handout for distribution. Representatives from LASSA will intermingle with the students at their tables to promote information sharing.

B. Student Groups: Each student club will make a presentation at the orientation. Out on the Shelves will be participating this year. A UBC librarian has asked to present on the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians, with the aim of soliciting members for a nascent student chapter. MACL representatives will also promote awareness of their program.

C. Photos: LASSA will once again organize the taking of photos for the stalker wall. Instead of printing out names, the possibility of using a small chalk- or whiteboard will be explored. Matthew will provide a camera for the event, which will be operated by Inti.

D. Pizza: SLAIS estimates 70 attendees for the event, requiring an order of 20+ pizzas from Pi R Squared. The exact composition of the order was debated and determined; it will include gluten-free and vegan options.

4. Potluck
The potluck will be held on 5 September at 5pm. At the request of the UBC Food Bank, attendees will be asked to supply a non-perishable food item, raising awareness of the Food Bank’s services.

5. Other business

A. The bus loop construction creates a confusing and potentially dangerous situation for students and others coming in and out of Barber

B. The LASSA website design will be discussed at a later date; a new SLAIS website is expected to be launched this week

C. It may be necessary to discuss the streamlining or improvement of information sources

D. Pursuant to a suggestion raised last year, part of the SLAIS bulletin board will be repurposed to promote LASSA. All executive members will supply a photo, email address, and Fun Fact to be posted on this board, accompanied by the description of each member’s position from the website.

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LASSA Appreciation Awards 2014

P1020743Each April LASSA takes nominations for three awards, one each to a faculty member, a staff member, and a student who we feel have made significant positive contributions to student life at SLAIS. Students are allowed to nominate one candidate in each category.

All the votes have been counted, and we were pleased to announce the winners of this year’s LASSA Appreciation Awards at an ice cream social!


Student: Grace Romund
Runners-up: Stephanie Dror, Stephanie Fan, Matthew Murray, and Chelsea Shriver.


Staff:  Dan Slessor (Student Services Coordinator)
Faculty: Tie – Lisa Nathan (left) and Judith Saltman (right)

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the many nominees for the Staff and Faculty awards that we didn’t list.

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LASSA Minutes 4-7-14

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2014-2015 School Year Meeting #1
Date: April 7, 2014
Time: 11:00
Location: Trail Room

In attendance:
Kelsey Ockert (MLIS Co-President)
Nicole Askin (Secretary)
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Michael Wynne (AMS Representative)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Nichole DeMichelis (MLIS First-Year Representative)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Regrets (Excused):
Monica Swamiraj (Events Coordinator)

Roohie Kaur (Treasurer)
Chris Stephenson (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Alamir Novin (PhD Representative)

Meeting called to order by Kelsey at 11:06.

1. Approval of Minutes
A. March 24, 2014
a. No revisions were received.
Michael moves to approve. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes. Minutes for this meeting will be approved by email rather than waiting until September.

2. Meeting planning
Proposal to hold meetings in the Trail Room for next year rather than in the SUB will be explored further depending on availability.

3. Events
A. Potluck: low staff attendance, but otherwise well-received.
B. Executive Orientation: Roohi and Kelsey will be planning this event with AMS

4. New Business
A. Bulletin boards: Kelsey proposes having a LASSA bulletin board for next year listing positions and emails (if comfortable).
B. Proxies: Inti suggests that there should be the potential for proxies for GSS/AMS meetings where designated members cannot attend. Kelsey agrees but wants to postpone dealing with this issue until September.
C. Funding: Inti notes that SLAIS has asked for input on the spending on funds for the upcoming year. A coatrack is in the works; there is also the potential for acquiring new software or hardware. Kelsey proposes Raspberry Pi, which Matthew notes ASIST is already planning to purchase. Matthew proposes a touchscreen monitor for the student space that will display the events calendar, or a Maker Lab with 3D printer.
D. Transition: Most members have written and/or received appropriate transition reports. Nicole points out that the first-year rep position is listed on the website as non-voting; Kelsey plans to look into this. Adena proposes having ongoing reports available on Google Drive updated as needed to avoid having to reinvent reports every year.
E. LASSA Awards: at the previous meeting Matthew had proposed creating awards to recognize deserving faculty, staff, and students, managed by LASSA. He suggests soliciting nominations via email. Nichole proposes a criterion of contribution to student life. Adena proposes an online poll to determine recipients; Matthew plans to create a Google Form. Kelsey wants to discuss the issue with SLAIS admin prior to sending out emails. In terms of prizes, Matthew proposes creating a 3D printed award.
F. Orientation will be planned by email over the summer.
G. Representatives: MACL Rep will be voted in during first September meeting. There will be continued efforts to increase MAS student engagement with LASSA, including if possible to location of appropriate representatives to fill empty positions.

5. Feedback from last year
Kelsey solicits feedback regarding the functioning of LASSA from last year and how best to approach this going forward. Nichole expresses a need to make LASSA accessible to students on an ongoing basis. Inti praises the Halloween party, but there are issues with funding for the upcoming year; Nichole offers to help plan a similar event next fall, and Kelsey plans to liaise with Monica on the topic. Michael promotes LASSA transparency when possible to increase student engagement and reduce the load on individual exec members.
Meeting was adjourned by Kelsey at 11:43.

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Meeting Minutes from 14/3/24

LASSA Minutes 3-24-14

Library and Archival Studies Student Association 2013-2014 School Year Meeting #11
Date: March 24, 2014
Location: SUB 212
In attendance
Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President)
Kate Clayborne (Secretary)
Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Heather Gloster (Events Coordinator)
Nicole Askins (MLIS First Year Representative)
Stephanie Dror (MACL Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Kelsey Ockert
Monica Swamiraj
Christopher Stephenson
Alamir Novin
Stefania Alexandro
Elise Gowen

Regrets (Excused):
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Roohie Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative)
Sheena Gardner (Events Coordinator)
Helen Halbert (AMS Representation)

Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:01 PM.
1. Approval of Minutes
a. No revisions were received.
Nicole moves to approve. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
B. March 9, 2014
a. No revisions were received. Inti moves to approve. Michael seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.

2. Outgoing Committee Reports
A. Facilities Committee (Inti)
a. The committee is still looking for a wishlist from SLAIS students.
b. Coat rack/umbrella space has been requested for computer labs.
c. The request for more computers has been denied.
i. With the push towards the iSchool brand, there was a need for the recent computer upgrade, as well as an expectation that students have their own laptops to bring to SLAIS.
ii. However, these new computers have been an issue. They are running many programs as requested by faculty, but this has led to an overload of their capacity.
B. Accreditation Oversight Committee (Grace & Roohie)
a. The responsibilities of this committee have concluded with the ALA accreditation process.
C. Faculty Search Committee (Grace)
a. Three faculty candidates have visited the school. All is going well and the hiring process is moving forward.
b. Following several recent meetings, a decision has been made and Grace’s responsibilities have come to an end. If the chosen candidate declines the offer, Grace will resume her role as needed.
D. As of today, any outgoing exec members have concluded their terms as a committee
representatives. New representatives will be determined by the incoming exec at a future meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report
A. LASSA’s AMS funding has been received.
B. Any outstanding reimbursements for individual LASSA members should be collected from AMS by April 1. The office is open from 1 PM – 4 PM.

4. GSS Report
A. Both Mitchell and Inti were unable to attend last week’s GSS meeting. They have expressed interest in setting up a system to determine a proxy in such circumstances.
B. In future, they will send an email to the LASSA exec requesting a proxy on an as-needed basis.

5. LASSA Exec Transition
A. Transition reports will be written by the outgoing exec members and sent to their incoming replacements by April 1. 100-200 words about the position and its responsibilities will suffice.
B. The following positions remain open: all MAS positions (including MAS Co-President),
MACL Representative, and AMS Representative.
a. Michael expressed interest in becoming AMS Rep.
i. Matthew moves to elect Michael Wynne to the position of LASSA AMS Representative. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Michael is elected AMS Representative for the 2014-2015 year.

6. LASSA Listservs
A. Members of the exec are able to send announcements via either the lassa-exec@googlegroups.com listserv (for matters specific to the executive board) or the lassa-slais@googlegroups.com listserv (for matters pertaining to all LASSA members). No specific guidelines exist for the exec list, but the existing guidelines for communicating via the lassa-slais list should be followed.

7. Events
A. Director’s Forum
a. Generally went well.
b. Approximately 15 students attended. This is down from last year, but this event did take place in another building and food was not provided.
c. MLIS and MAS students were both well-represented, and one MACL student also attended.
d. MLIS 504 (Management) was brought up, and SLAIS has stated they intend to look into the teaching of the course based on student concern.
B. Deloitte Informational Event
a. Accounting & consulting firm Deloitte is interested in employing SLAIS students and/or graduates, and would like to coordinate with LASSA to host a brown bag informational lunch. They have twice had to cancel on the chosen dates this semester, but this is a possibly valuable future event to hold.
C. End of Term Potluck
a. The potluck would generally be held April 4, as this is the last day of classes. However, the Meet the Grads event is being held at VPL on March 4, 7 PM – 8 PM.
b. The potluck’s time will thus be shifted back to 4 PM – 6 PM, rather than 5 PM – 7 PM.
c. The presence of alcohol at the potluck is up to SLAIS administration.
d. Any further organization of the potluck is in the hands of the incoming exec members.
D. Plan your program
a. General sentiment was that there was no information provided that couldn’t be found on the SLAIS website.
b. While there are opportunities for following a stream, this is difficult if the required courses are not always offered and notice is not given of when they will be.
c. The capstone course seems promising, but still needs to be finalized and promoted. It will begin January 2015.

8. New Business
A. Stefania and Elise were present as incoming co-chairs of SLA. SLA is currently an organization directly under AMS, and are looking to switch back to being under LASSA.
a. The advantage of being a LASSA subgroup is that LASSA takes care of any paperwork and dealings with AMS, so that the group members can simply plan their events and provide services to the student body.
b. Grace will send an email to Stefania and Elise requesting their constitution and a list of current members of the exec. Since SLA is a previously established LASSA subgroup, the transition should be simple.
c. Nicole moves to accept the Special Libraries Association as a LASSA subgroup. Kelsey seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
B. PEP Surveys
a. People have expressed interest in reviving PEP surveys, perhaps in a simpler format.
b. Grace recommends speaking with Rick Kopak about this, as he was heavily involved in the past and has institutional knowledge.
c. Kelsey, Michael, and Adena have expressed interest in helping out with this. They will discuss the issue over email this summer.
C. LASSA Documentation Digitization
a. Grace recommends the digitization of PEP surveys and other LASSA documentation from the 1990s, currently in hard copy in a filing cabinet.
b. Elise expressed interest in such a project.
c. The conversation will continue.
D. Kelsey is looking into creating some sort of suggestion box or similar physical process as an accessible and obvious way for SLAIS students to submit information to their LASSA reps.
E. LASSA Awards
a. Matthew suggests, based on our discussions regarding the Just Desserts Award, the creation of three LASSA awards, one each for a student, staff member, and faculty member.
b. The idea is positively received. An email will be sent to the LASSA exec, calling for nominations.
F. Grace attended the Just Desserts awards ceremony & expresses her gratitude for the kind words & her time as president.
G. Kelsey is very excited to start her term as LASSA Pres. She will be emailing the incoming exec regarding a meeting before the end of term, and would like to speak casually with new members about any concerns. She also intends to meet with subgroup exec members.
H. The next LASSA meeting will be on April 7, following the turnover of the exec.
Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:40 PM.

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