What is LASSA?

We’re here for you.

LASSA’s purpose is to promote, direct, sponsor, and co-ordinate such activities that will benefit all SLAIS students. LASSA engages in advocacy for student issues, acts as liaison between students, SLAIS and UBC, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and organizes events. LASSA is committed to providing an atmosphere of inclusion and strives to unite the student body. For more on the executive members of our organization, see the Executive page.

You are already a member!

By virtue of your acceptance into SLAIS, you are a member of LASSA, and are cordially invited to participate accordingly. We strive to be active among our student body, and are here to make everyone’s experience at SLAIS positive, productive and enjoyable. LASSA is a constituent of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and is responsible to the AMS for its student members and all LASSA organized or sponsored activities. LASSA also participates in the Faculty of Arts (FoA) and the Graduate Student Society (GSS). For more information on those organizations, please see the New to UBC? page.

Get involved!

Help keep SLAIS and its student body active and relevant by participating in LASSA-sponsored events, reading and commenting on our blog, or joining any number of related student interest groups at SLAIS. There is more to life than class, and we are here to help support you in exploring your options. As a bonus to new students unfamiliar with the area, we have assembled a page of fun things to help you relax and explore Vancouver.