Meeting Minutes from 14/3/24

LASSA Minutes 3-24-14

Library and Archival Studies Student Association 2013-2014 School Year Meeting #11
Date: March 24, 2014
Location: SUB 212
In attendance
Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President)
Kate Clayborne (Secretary)
Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Heather Gloster (Events Coordinator)
Nicole Askins (MLIS First Year Representative)
Stephanie Dror (MACL Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Kelsey Ockert
Monica Swamiraj
Christopher Stephenson
Alamir Novin
Stefania Alexandro
Elise Gowen

Regrets (Excused):
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Roohie Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative)
Sheena Gardner (Events Coordinator)
Helen Halbert (AMS Representation)

Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:01 PM.
1. Approval of Minutes
a. No revisions were received.
Nicole moves to approve. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
B. March 9, 2014
a. No revisions were received. Inti moves to approve. Michael seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.

2. Outgoing Committee Reports
A. Facilities Committee (Inti)
a. The committee is still looking for a wishlist from SLAIS students.
b. Coat rack/umbrella space has been requested for computer labs.
c. The request for more computers has been denied.
i. With the push towards the iSchool brand, there was a need for the recent computer upgrade, as well as an expectation that students have their own laptops to bring to SLAIS.
ii. However, these new computers have been an issue. They are running many programs as requested by faculty, but this has led to an overload of their capacity.
B. Accreditation Oversight Committee (Grace & Roohie)
a. The responsibilities of this committee have concluded with the ALA accreditation process.
C. Faculty Search Committee (Grace)
a. Three faculty candidates have visited the school. All is going well and the hiring process is moving forward.
b. Following several recent meetings, a decision has been made and Grace’s responsibilities have come to an end. If the chosen candidate declines the offer, Grace will resume her role as needed.
D. As of today, any outgoing exec members have concluded their terms as a committee
representatives. New representatives will be determined by the incoming exec at a future meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report
A. LASSA’s AMS funding has been received.
B. Any outstanding reimbursements for individual LASSA members should be collected from AMS by April 1. The office is open from 1 PM – 4 PM.

4. GSS Report
A. Both Mitchell and Inti were unable to attend last week’s GSS meeting. They have expressed interest in setting up a system to determine a proxy in such circumstances.
B. In future, they will send an email to the LASSA exec requesting a proxy on an as-needed basis.

5. LASSA Exec Transition
A. Transition reports will be written by the outgoing exec members and sent to their incoming replacements by April 1. 100-200 words about the position and its responsibilities will suffice.
B. The following positions remain open: all MAS positions (including MAS Co-President),
MACL Representative, and AMS Representative.
a. Michael expressed interest in becoming AMS Rep.
i. Matthew moves to elect Michael Wynne to the position of LASSA AMS Representative. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Michael is elected AMS Representative for the 2014-2015 year.

6. LASSA Listservs
A. Members of the exec are able to send announcements via either the listserv (for matters specific to the executive board) or the listserv (for matters pertaining to all LASSA members). No specific guidelines exist for the exec list, but the existing guidelines for communicating via the lassa-slais list should be followed.

7. Events
A. Director’s Forum
a. Generally went well.
b. Approximately 15 students attended. This is down from last year, but this event did take place in another building and food was not provided.
c. MLIS and MAS students were both well-represented, and one MACL student also attended.
d. MLIS 504 (Management) was brought up, and SLAIS has stated they intend to look into the teaching of the course based on student concern.
B. Deloitte Informational Event
a. Accounting & consulting firm Deloitte is interested in employing SLAIS students and/or graduates, and would like to coordinate with LASSA to host a brown bag informational lunch. They have twice had to cancel on the chosen dates this semester, but this is a possibly valuable future event to hold.
C. End of Term Potluck
a. The potluck would generally be held April 4, as this is the last day of classes. However, the Meet the Grads event is being held at VPL on March 4, 7 PM – 8 PM.
b. The potluck’s time will thus be shifted back to 4 PM – 6 PM, rather than 5 PM – 7 PM.
c. The presence of alcohol at the potluck is up to SLAIS administration.
d. Any further organization of the potluck is in the hands of the incoming exec members.
D. Plan your program
a. General sentiment was that there was no information provided that couldn’t be found on the SLAIS website.
b. While there are opportunities for following a stream, this is difficult if the required courses are not always offered and notice is not given of when they will be.
c. The capstone course seems promising, but still needs to be finalized and promoted. It will begin January 2015.

8. New Business
A. Stefania and Elise were present as incoming co-chairs of SLA. SLA is currently an organization directly under AMS, and are looking to switch back to being under LASSA.
a. The advantage of being a LASSA subgroup is that LASSA takes care of any paperwork and dealings with AMS, so that the group members can simply plan their events and provide services to the student body.
b. Grace will send an email to Stefania and Elise requesting their constitution and a list of current members of the exec. Since SLA is a previously established LASSA subgroup, the transition should be simple.
c. Nicole moves to accept the Special Libraries Association as a LASSA subgroup. Kelsey seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
B. PEP Surveys
a. People have expressed interest in reviving PEP surveys, perhaps in a simpler format.
b. Grace recommends speaking with Rick Kopak about this, as he was heavily involved in the past and has institutional knowledge.
c. Kelsey, Michael, and Adena have expressed interest in helping out with this. They will discuss the issue over email this summer.
C. LASSA Documentation Digitization
a. Grace recommends the digitization of PEP surveys and other LASSA documentation from the 1990s, currently in hard copy in a filing cabinet.
b. Elise expressed interest in such a project.
c. The conversation will continue.
D. Kelsey is looking into creating some sort of suggestion box or similar physical process as an accessible and obvious way for SLAIS students to submit information to their LASSA reps.
E. LASSA Awards
a. Matthew suggests, based on our discussions regarding the Just Desserts Award, the creation of three LASSA awards, one each for a student, staff member, and faculty member.
b. The idea is positively received. An email will be sent to the LASSA exec, calling for nominations.
F. Grace attended the Just Desserts awards ceremony & expresses her gratitude for the kind words & her time as president.
G. Kelsey is very excited to start her term as LASSA Pres. She will be emailing the incoming exec regarding a meeting before the end of term, and would like to speak casually with new members about any concerns. She also intends to meet with subgroup exec members.
H. The next LASSA meeting will be on April 7, following the turnover of the exec.
Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:40 PM.

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Meeting Minutes, 2014/02/24

Meeting minutes PDF

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2013-2014 School Year Meeting #9

Date: February 24, 2014
Location: SUB 212

In attendance:
Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President)
Kate Clayborne (Secretary)
Helen Halbert (AMS Representative)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Sheena Gardner (Events Coordinator)
Heather Gloster (Events Coordinator)
Sehdeep Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative)
Kelsey Ockert

Regrets (Excused):
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Jordan Hatt (Treasurer)
Nicole Askin (MLIS First Year Representative)
Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large)

Stephanie Dror (MACL Member-at-Large)


Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:05 PM.

1. Approval of Minutes

A. No revisions were received.

Inti moves to approve. Sehdeep seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.

2. Events

A. Director’s Forum
a. To be held March 13, 2014
b. As no space is available on that date in IKBLC and to enable Susie’s attendance we
cannot meet in the SUB, space has been reserved in Buchanan. The room can
accommodate 26 attendees. We will go forward with this location.

B. Annual General Meeting
a. To be held Tuesday, March 4, 1-2 PM in the SLAIS lounge.
b. Grace & Jordan will arrange for food to be provided.
c. Grace has spoken with AMS, and remote voting will be allowed to count towards
quorum. i. The voting period will take place over twenty-four hours. Information will be
sent out the day prior with the ballot as it stands at that time. Remote votes can
be emailed to Grace.
ii. Students, particularly those who have previously expressed interest in LASSA,
are being encouraged to nominate themselves in advance of the AGM.
Archives representation is particularly needed.
iii. Nominations can be sent to Grace.

C. Librarians Library
a. To be held Monday, March 3.
b. Sheena and Heather are asking for help with crowd control if necessary. If it does get
busy, students can “check out” librarians in small groups rather than individually.
c. It is very important that students show up, as the librarians are sacrificing their
time/shifting work schedules to help us out. The exec is asked to promote the event
and bring friends along.
d. Sheena will send a Powerpoint slide to Mary Grenier to advertise on the TV screen in

D. Accreditation Q&A
a. To be held Tuesday, February 25.
b. Sheena will promote this to the new cohort in Aaron’s core course.
c. As not everyone will be able to attend and Caroline prefers the event not be recorded,
LASSA is considering taking our own unofficial notes.
i. Grace volunteers to take notes.
ii. As an alternative to posting these notes online, they may be distributed
individually to those who request them. A means of distribution is to be
iii. The statement sent out to the school by SLAIS is to be the only official word
on the accreditation.
d. Concerns brought up previously have been sent to Mary Grenier by Grace. Further
questions can also be sent to Heather & Sheena to be forwarded on.

3. AMS Report (Helen)

A. Just Desserts Award
a. This AMS award is presented to a staff member, faculty member, or student who has
shown exceptional service to their student body, as defined by the nominating
students. As LASSA has AMS representation, we are able to nominate one individual
for this award.
b. Sheena and Helen advocate for nominating Lisa Nathan, professor.
i. Sheena: Lisa is incredibly supportive, helps people with individual research, is
very in touch with the professional world, contributes her time and money to
student development.
ii. Helen: Lisa puts great effort into the FNCC and its students,
supporting both professional experience projects and academic work.
Through her work on the school’s committee for research ethics she
also provides support to faculty members. She has also been
instrumental in the approval of the Human-Computer Interaction
(HCI) sub-specialization at SLAIS, now open to MLIS and MAS
c. Inti advocates for nominating Grace.
i. Sehdeep agrees that Grace has gone above and beyond in her work as LASSA
MLIS President for the students of SLAIS.
d. Grace advocates for nominating Mary Grenier. i. Grace: Although most students remain unaware, Mary works exceptionally
hard on behalf of the student body. We are aware of no other awards
recognizing staff efforts.
e. Following secret ballot vote, Grace has been selected as LASSA’s nomination for the
Just Desserts Award.

B. AMS election results have come in, and the new exec will begin service at the meeting after

4. Treasurer’s Report (Jordan)

A. As Jordan works Mondays and is unable to attend meetings in person, she has forwarded a
report on to Grace. She is available to answer questions via email or meet in person by request.

B. The LASSA Activity log and all club balance sheets are current.

C. All deposits and receipts received as of February 15, 2014 have been submitted to AMS. The
deadline for submitting receipts before the end of the fiscal year is Monday, March 24, 2014.

D. A LASSA Request for Additional Funds form has been created and is available in Google Doc
form. The treasurer’s FAQ has been updated to reflect changes in protocol re: requests for
additional funding.

E. Funding has not yet been received from AMS or SLAIS for the LASSA Halloween party.
Jordan will be investigating the issue this week.

F. The cheque from SLAIS for membership fees from the September 2013 cohort has been
received, in the amount of $1,100.

G. Jordan’s request for a reimbursement of money spent towards an organizational folder for
LASSA’s treasurer (to be passed on with the position) was approved. The paperwork was
signed by Mitchel Meler & Kate Clayborne.

H. As Jordan is graduating, she is creating a general guide to the responsibilities of her position to
mitigate any confusion during the transition between treasurers.

5. New Business

A. The matter of PEP surveys is to be revisited once again at a later date.

B. The date of the next LASSA meeting is TBA, so as to avoid conflicting with the Librarian
Library event.

Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:38 PM.

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2014/2015 LASSA Executive!

We now have our LASSA Executive for the 2014/2015 term. This executive will assume their positions as of April 1, 2014.

LASSA Executive 2014/2015

MLIS President – Kelsey Ockert

Treasurer – Roohie Kaur

Secretary – Nicole Askin

Webmaster – Matthew Murray

Events coordinators – Monica Swamiraj

GSS Representatives – Inti Dewey, Mitchell Meler

MLIS First year representative – Nichole DeMichelis

MLIS Member at Large – Chris Stephenson

Dual Member at Large – Adena Brons

PhD Representative – Alamir Novin

Thank you all very much for voting! We made our quorum by a margin of 8 voters.

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Librarians Library!

Recently our super rad events planners Sheena Gardner and Heather Gloster organized a librarians library for students! This was an event where a whole bunch of librarians from different sectors came to UBC and could be “checked out” by interested students. Just like the increasingly popular human libraries!

We took photos of some (but not all) of the librarians who generously gave their time to help us learn more about possible career paths.

Alyssa Green, VPL InfoAction (left) talking to Kelsey Ockert (right).

Franklin Sayre, Librarian at Woodward library chatting with Steph (we don’t know your last name! Sorry!) (right).

Kate Clayborne (left) and Rebecca Slaven, Courthouse Libraries (right).

Cristen Polley (left) and Melanie Delva, Archivist (right).

Rachel Yaroshuk, Teen Librarian at Burnaby Public Library (left) and Daisy Hui (right).

Alison Dodd, Client Services Librarian at Environment Canada (left) and David Gill (right).

Schuyler Lindberg, Interaction Designer at UBC (left) talking with Meghan Whyte (centre) and Amanda Warner (right).

One of our fabulous event co-ordinators Sheena Gardner (left) and Colleen Addison, PhD Student at iSchool @ UBC (right).

Our other fabulous event co-ordinator Heather Gloster showing some of the librarians that were available to check out.

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Meeting Minutes, 2014-01-27

LASSA Minutes 1-27-14

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2013-2014 School Year Meeting #8

Date: January 27, 2014
Location: SUB 212

In attendance:
Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President)
Kate Clayborne (Secretary)
Nicole Askin (MLIS First Year Representative)
Helen Halbert (AMS Representative)
Inti Dewey (GSS Representative)
Matthew Murray (Webmaster)
Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative)
Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large)
Stephanie Dror (MACL Member-at-Large)
Heather Gloster (Events Coordinator)
Kelsey Ockert
Christopher Stephenson

Regrets (Excused):
Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large)
Sheena Gardner (Events Coordinator)
Jordan Hatt (Treasurer)

Sehdeep Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative)


Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:02 PM.

1. Approval of Minutes

A. The mention of in-person voting been removed from the section on AMS elections.

Nicole moves to approve. Inti seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.

2. Changes to LASSA Exec

A. New Events Coordinator
a. Heather Gloster will be joining Sheena as Co-Events Coordinator for the remainder of
the term.

3. GSS Report (Mitchell & Inti)

A. Enrollment service fee increase
a. The increase will take place May 1 of 2014. While not yet technically approved, it
most likely will be.
b. Pertinent increases include fees for taking an exam at a UBC campus not your own,
for dishonoured payments and uncleared cheques, and for obtaining transcripts or
duplicate and replacement forms.
B. Health & Dental coverage
a. GSS was formerly approving expense reimbursements for things not covered by the
plan, and paying out of GSS funds.
b. The current health and dental plan has been reapproved for the time being.
c. Otherwise, the debate continues.

C. GSS building bookings
a. To increase use of the GSS building, charges associated with reserving space will be
decreased. The requirement of a deposit will be removed in favour of a support letter
from faculty promising payment will be made.

D. UBC Senate elections are currently taking place.

4. AMS Report (Helen)

A. The AMS was informed of a proposed increase to administrative fees.
B. They were also presented with the health care reapproval plan.
C. The AMS Mental Health Symposium is completely full and has a waiting list for interested
D. Planning continues for the transition to the Compass card system. The school is looking into
obtaining automated machines from Translink instead of finding an alternate means of
distributing the cards.
E. A new anti-harassment/discrimination policy has been passed for the student union. This
affects all the subgroups including LASSA. Helen will obtain a copy to be added to LASSA

5. Treasurer’s Report

A. Nothing of note has occurred since the beginning of term. The item is otherwise tabled until
Jordan is present.

6. Events

A. Director’s Forum
a. Caroline has provided her availability, offering the 18th or 24th of February and the 13th

or 17th of March. Due to Reading Week falling over the February dates, we will plan
to hold the Forum on March 13. Grace will speak with Connie to confirm.
b. SLAIS will be providing refreshments and assisting with room booking.
c. Location
i. For Susie to attend, the event must be held in IKBLC. However, Mary Grenier
has informed Grace that formerly available spaces in the building are now
under the control of UBC Libraries and very difficult to reserve for anything
other than library business. This includes the Chilcotin, Dodson, and Lillooet
ii. The possibility was raised of using the SLAIS lounge. However, Mary has
brought up that as the Forum can become a heated event, it should perhaps be
held in a closed space.
iii. The Terrace Lab, and IKBLC rooms 460, 461, or the entire Nass Room are all
options. Grace will book the Terrace Lab as a fall-back plan.

B. Annual General Meeting a. Following the last LASSA meeting, Grace again requested that we be allowed to hold
the AGM in the SLAIS lounge. SLAIS admin have agreed, with the request that the
AGM be held from 1-2 rather than 12-1.
b. A tentative date of March 4 has been set.
c. There are an estimated 275 students in SLAIS, calling for approximately 50 students
to vote in order for quorum (20%) to be reached. Grace will speak with AMS to
determine a means of proxy voting for students out of province.
d. Nominations must be opened two weeks prior to the meeting. Some interested parties
have already been found, and members of the exec will continue to speak about the
positions to other students.
e. An Eventbrite may be created for the meeting. The position descriptions available on
the LASSA website will also be publicized.
f. Pizza will be provided.

C. Librarians Library (Heather)
a. As discussed last meeting, Heather and Sheena are coordinating a human library
featuring librarians and archivists. They are seeking approximately 8 currently
employed recent SLAIS grads to participate. While they have a tentative list, they have
not yet made contact and are welcoming suggestions.
b. The event is tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 3. It would take place over a
two hour window (such as 11-1), and the participating librarians and archivists could
come and go as schedules allow.

7. New Business

A. New room booking procedure:
a. Subgroup members will now book rooms through the online scheduling service. They
can choose a preferred building, but may be placed elsewhere.
b. Veronica at the SLAIS front desk has now been given access to see whether rooms are
free, although she cannot book them herself. She will check to see whether a room is
open prior to a student group putting in the effort towards reserving it, slightly
streamlining the process.
B. Upcoming LASSA meetings
a. Our next meeting is scheduled to fall on Family Day. Following Monday is Reading
Week. The next LASSA meeting will thus take place on February 24, 2014.

Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:44 PM.

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LASSA AGM, Tuesday, March 4th, 1pm, SLAIS Lounge

It’s that time again! LASSA’s annual general meeting!

This year it’s happening Tuesday, March 4th at 1pm in the SLAIS Lounge.

This is the meeting where we hold elections for the executive board for the 2014-15 academic year. If you want to make a difference in SLAIS as a student throughout your program, being a part of LASSA is a great place to start. For all subgroups of LASSA (e.g. ALA, BCLA, Librarians Without Borders, etc.) to continue to receive funding from AMS there needs to be a significant showing of students at this meeting or else accounts will be frozen. Needless to say this is a meeting that will affect all SLAIS students and you are strongly encouraged to attend and vote. Also, there will be pizza.

Positions available are (click the links for more in depth descriptions):

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email our current president.

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LASSA presents a Librarian Library! Monday, March 3rd, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Register on the EventBrite here!

Ever wonder what life is like as an auxiliary librarian? Think you’d love to be a law librarian? Want to know more about working as a government librarian? Or is your goal to work in academia? Well, LASSA has the event for you! Come to the Librarian Library on Monday, March 3rd, from 1000 – 1200, in Room 214/6 of the UBC Student Union Building. During the event you will be able to ‘check-out’ individual librarians and have a conversation with them for 10-15 minutes. Most of the librarians are very recent MLIS grads who can let you know the ins and outs of their field. Who’s going to be there? These generous folks: Melanie Delva (MAS 2005) is Archivist for the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster and Provincial Synod of BC & Yukon where she has worked since completing a 9 month Records Management contract with the City of Richmond upon graduation.  Melanie’s professional focus has been on Archives and Social Justice – particularly in the case of the Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.  Melanie was part of a TRC document collections Pilot Project in 2009-2010 and has been heavily involved in reconciliation programs and events. Rebecca Slaven (MLIS, UBC 2010) has been working as a Client Services Librarian at Courthouse Libraries BC since 2011, where she spends about half of her time on the reference desk, helping both the public and legal community find and use legal information, and the other half working with one of CLBC’s liaison lawyers to produce resources for and provide training via webinar and video tutorials. She also works a few hours a week as an Auxiliary Librarian for AskAway and is a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in publications such as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Sad Mag, and Scout Magazine. Emily Klomps (MLIS, 2012). While completing her MLIS at the University of Alberta, Emily worked as a student assistant the Alberta Law Libraries. She began her professional career at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP and now works with McMillan LLP. Emily currently sits on the Executive of the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (VALL) and is a member of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) Webinar Committee. Schuyler Lindberg completed his MLIS at SLAIS in 2012, and after a stint as a Digital Asset Management Consultant at BC Hydro, began his current role as an Interaction Designer for UBC Library Systems & Information Technology where he tests, designs, and develops user interfaces for library web applications. He is currently building a unified portal for the library’s digitized and born-digital collections. Rachel Yaroshuk (MLIS, 2012) is currently working as an Auxiliary Librarian at Burnaby Public Library and North Vancouver District Library where she provides reference desk services, adult and children’s programming, and collections maintenance. She is also working as the Digital Content Manager at the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library where she researched, implemented and is currently instructing patrons and staff on OverDrive eBooks. Colleen Addison (MLIS, University of Western Ontario, 2006) worked at the Library of Parliament and the University of Ottawa until 2010 when she returned to school for her PhD.  At both places, she provided virtual and desk reference and collections maintenance, and at the University of Ottawa, she also taught courses in research skills and online searching techniques. Please note that our use of Eventbrite for this event is for the purpose of estimating the number of attendees and it does not guarantee a time with any or all librarians. Thank you for understanding!

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Pub Night at the Cove – Tuesday, January 28th, 6pm

LASSA is hosting a Pub Night at the Cove next Tuesday, January 28th, from 6 pm – 8 pm (or later, if you’re having fun). We’ve got a few tables upstairs booked and will be supplying appys. Hope to see you there!

The Cove is at 3681 West 4th Avenue (at Alma Street). You can take bus routes 4 or 84 from UBC to get there.

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Minutes from November 18th, 2013 Meeting

LASSA Minutes 11-18-13

Library and Archival Studies Student Association
2013-2014 School Year Meeting #6
Date: November 18, 2013
Location: SUB 212
In attendance: Grace Romund (MLIS Co-President) Kate Clayborne (Secretary) Sheena Campbell (Events Coordinator) Mitchell Meler (GSS Representative) Inti Dewey (GSS Representative) Adena Brons (Dual Member-at-Large) Stephanie Dror (MACL Representative) Sehdeep Kaur (Faculty of Arts Representative) Jordan Hatt (Treasurer) Nicole Askin (MLIS First Year Representative) Michael Wynne (MLIS Member-at-Large) Helen Halbert (AMS Representative) Kelsey Ockert Kaitie Warren Hedda Monaghan Matthew Root Iris Kovar-Gough Yoav Lerner
Regrets (Excused): Maria Paraschos Matthew Murray
Meeting called to order by Grace at 12:00 PM.
1. Approval of Minutes
Inti motions, Steph seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
2. BCLA Funding Request Presentation (Iris)
A. ALPS is seeking reimbursement for their Getting Hired in Higher Education Panel
a. Expenses included honorariums for the panellists (6 panelists at $10 each), as well as refreshments for approximately 25 people.
b. Going forward, funding requests will be made in advance.
Adena motions to grant $79.11 to ALPS in reimbursement for this event. Inti seconds. All in
favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
3. Librarians Without Borders Group Proposal Presentation (Kelsey, Matthew, and Kaitie)
A. The previous SLAIS chapter of LWB disbanded in 2010 and does not have representation in LASSA’s finances.
B. The chapter has re-formed and is now an official subsidiary of the LWB parent organization. A constitution has been written, and an exec formed. Matthew Root is serving as co-chair. A possible advisor is being negotiated with.
C. The group plans to do fundraising towards international LWB efforts, including projects in Ghana and Guatemala, as well as those in the local community.
Inti motions to create an LWB subgroup and allocate $50 of LASSA funding. Sehdeep seconds.
All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
4. LASSA Knowledge Organization Group Proposal Presentation (Yoav, Hedda, and Matthew)
A. The LKO members are still determining precisely what group activities will be, but have a number of ideas for moving forward. They are currently seeking to establish a group so that they can fully commence activities in January.
B. A constitution has been written, and an exec formed. Hedda and Matthew are serving as co-chairs. Aaron Loehrlein will serve as faculty advisor.
Nicole motions to create an LKO subgroup and allocate $50 of LASSA funding. Steph seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes.
5. AMS Report (Helen)
A. CiTR would like to promote their opportunities for student involvement, including for SLAIS students.
B. AMS has approved a statement encouraging faculty to move towards open access publishing.
6. Treasurer’s Report (Jordan)
A. Signatures are needed to approve the above funding for ALPS and newly formed subgroups.
a. Inti and Michael provided signatures.
B. Signatures are needed to approve the disbursement 2012-2013’s surplus funds to BCLA and ALA.
a. Steph and Nicole provided signatures.
7. Policies & Procedures Manual Amendment (Grace)
A. The procedure for subgroups to request additional funding currently reads:
“Student groups can apply for additional funds at any time during the year by submitting an application form and making a short presentation at a LASSA meeting. Their proposal will be voted on by the Executive after the presentation is over, and after the Treasurer has verified LASSA can afford to disperse additional funds.”
B. The proposed amendment would cause this to read:
“In the event that an application is made for additional funds for the purpose of hosting an event, the application and presentation must be submitted and presented before the time of the event, barring extenuating circumstance.”
Grace motions to make this amendment. Michael seconds. All in favour, none opposed. Motion passes, the manual will be amended.
8. Events
A. NSCU Info Session Debrief (Helen)
a. The info session was a success. Helen received positive feedback from the NCSU representatives regarding SLAIS students.
b. SLAIS has covered expenses for the event, no reimbursement is needed.
B. January Orientation
a. Orientation will take place January 6, 11-3, in Thea’s Lounge.
b. Sheena has requested a microphone and screen for the event.
c. Grace will order pizza through the relevant AMS procedures.
d. Vehicles will be needed to transfer supplies from IKBLC to the GSS building.
i. Matthew and Inti have offered their vehicles if necessary, but other avenues will also be explored.
C. End of Term Potluck
a. The potluck will be held November 29, 5-7, in the SLAIS lounge.
b. The responsibility for the liquor license has been left with SLAIS admin, as it has been for all but the most recent two potluck events. Grace has been assisting, as recent additions to the SLAIS staff were unaware of the procedure.
c. Sheena will use this opportunity distribute Halloween party prizes.
d. The potluck will be advertised via posters, SLAIS Social Facebook page, the whiteboard, and word of mouth.
9. New Business
A. Faculty Search Committee
a. Edie Rasmussen is retiring at the end of this year. A search committee is being formed to a new faculty member for July 1.
b. SLAIS is looking for a student rep to join the committee. This position requires a large commitment, as well as confidentiality. The search will ideally last from January through March 2014.
c. Caroline Haythornthwaite will hold a meeting to discuss the responsibilities of the student representative.
d. Grace, Inti, Michael, and Kate are interested and will attend Caroline’s meeting.
B. As this is LASSA’s final meeting of the semester, Grace would like to extend her thanks to all members of the exec for their work these past few months.
Meeting was adjourned by Grace at 12:50 PM.

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Welcome Back Potluck!

We had our welcome back potluck on Friday and it was a great success! Hopefully all the new students have started to settle in!

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