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Finnish boys who “pee in their pants”

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Anssi Vanjoki says using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth.

With all the class discussions about marketing of cars and the consumer’s preferences, I couldn’t help but come across Vanjoki’s statement regarding the android operating system. So what exactly does Vanjoki mean by, “Finnish boys who ‘pee in their pants’ for warmth in the winter?” I see it as a way of saying that Android (an operating system designed by Google) may look like a nice alternative now, it may not be the best decision for the company’s future.

“Relying on Android as the universal OS may lead to “permanently low profitability” with users failing to distinguish among different brands if they all offer the same experience.”

I agree with statement, as I have discovered competition in business is relentless. A company must provide something original and fresh in order to keep consumers excited about their brand. Of course, there are situations involving customer loyalty, but the cell phone industry seems to be obsessed with the latest and greatest pieces of technology in smaller and sexier form factors. Nokia plans on using a new operating system named MeeGo as their future operating system. Or should they jump on the android bandwagon.

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September 22nd, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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