Happy Thursday!

3 quick points that summarize my LIFE at the moment

1. I can’t believe October is almost here. It’s that time of year again… Tis time to get sick. These days, I’m loaded with neocitran, tylenol and boxes of kleenex. Nothing screams October more than the sound of hackling coughs and sneezes in a lecture. 🙁

2. Yuck midterms are just around the corner and I will not be defeated again…like last year. I’m starting early. For those taking chem 233, I just wanted to share a quick link: It has some tips on how to come out of the course alive. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful?

3. Two days left to vote for SUS elections. If you’re in science, you’re already paying some $20 towards SUS. So why not take some ownership of your undergraduate society and vote for YOUR representatives. Voting is tomorrow from 10:30 to 4pm and Friday 11 to 12pm. Results will be posted Friday evening. PS: It wouldn’t hurt to vote me for G.O.