Why hello, Arts Career Expo!

The entire evening I resisted to urge to introduce myself as a second year arts student, undeclared major. My name tag with “Faculty of Science” seemed to be screaming among the sea of arts this and arts that. Possibly one of only science students attending the event (along with fellow blog squad and Integrated Sciences major Tyler), I had a surprisingly awesome and informative night at the ARTS CAREER EXPO. I initially heard of the event through a friend, the lovely Jonathan Tang aka logistics, who promised me mouth watering, delectable food. A well spent $5, I might add. The evening not only uphold to its promise of delicious goodies, but the panels and speakers definitely captured this science student’s interest.

I attended: “The social network: Careers in Media and Communications” as well as “I don’t object to careers in law: Careers in Law.

One of the reason I am blogging about this event is a result to a comment of one of the panelist in the “Social Network” session. Mr. Rick Chung, (Broadcast Journalist, BCIT Broadcast Journalism/CBC Radio-Canada/RickChung.com) was commenting on social media and the use of blogs, more specifically maintaining active blogs. And then it sorta struck me that I, in fact, had a blog. His tips on blogging really gave me some insight and inspiration on updating and adding more life to my own. Although as a science student, the advice on careers in media and communications may not necessarily apply to me directly, I do appreciate the general tips and take home messages of the panelist on networking, which is an asset to any career.

The session “Careers in Law” made it apparent to me that a career in law is not in my future. Is that weird that I have been to fifty bazillion of this sort of event for careers in health care… Listen to professionals speak on their background, medicine and their jobs, and it NEVER fails to capture my interest every single time. But less than an hour, discussing careers in law and I was so jet set to get out of that room. Don’t get me wrong, the panelists were AMAZING, they did a terrific job and I do respect them and their profession. Their stories were captivating and I am certain that their advice was enjoyed by many participants and pre-law students in the session, but again, just not for me (in the most respectful way). And isn’t this what ACE is all about? Discovering the possibilities- what you are interested in as well as NOT interested in. I am somewhat disappointed that I was unable to attend iKonnect 2011 (the science career event) which fell during the exact same time as ACE (next year iKonnect 2012). But then again, there is only so many ways of saying pre-med. I am going to end with a quote:

Ask any science student what they hope to pursue after undergrad, 85% of the time, the reply is med school. Ask any art student what they hope to pursue after undergrad, and the possibilities are endless.

This event really opened my mind to the variety of careers choices with a BA. Thumbs up for the Arts Career Expo! Kudos to the ACE 2011 Student Planning Committee!