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Feb 24 / songgao

UBC Bookstore? Discount Bookstore?

I just had my finance midterm this afternoon as i’m in the last section of this course, 207, which had a midterm one day later than all the other sections. I never bought a book for this course, mostly because it’s so pricey, and also I got throught HR last term without a textbook. But still, seeing that the midterm may contain materials that are on the textbook but not covered in lectures on the midterm instruction sheet, I decided to borrow one from my friend for one day. I did borrow a book from a friend but as it turned out, I still didn’t read it. Luckily, the exam went well, at least I think.

So all of the above is for the introduction of the comparison between UBC Bookstore and Discount Bookstore in the village.

UBC Bookstore carries the name of UBC, so of course with tourists, it is definitely a place to visit and buy souvenirs (with the UBC logo). Being associated with the UBC brand, the bookstore sells not only textbooks but also mostly high quality stationaries, backpacks, clothing. Despite that, UBC Bookstore also partners with Apple, carrying a selection of their products, which greatly leverages their status. With the association with brand names like UBC and Apple, UBC Bookstore definitely established a first position with campus study-related stores.

With the Discount Bookstore, the way of promotion is mostly through word-of-mouth. Not much students have the financial ability to spend $700 per term on new books, but sometimes, in cases like when old books are not available or there is a new version coming out this term, they have to buy new books. Discount Bookstore offers a cheaper place to buy both new and old textbooks. It has a strong positioning as a book selling store, as it knows that it cannot compete at almost all other related categories with both Staples and UBC Bookstore around. It clearly shows to all customers that they are there to save you money: the place is small; no appealing decorations; located on a second floor in village.

I must say, one of the biggest reasons why both UBC Bookstore and Discount Bookstore are operating well is that they have clear and strong positioning and they provide their unique value to customers.

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