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Hello all, thank you for your interest and engagement in this new ‘blogging adventure’. I enjoyed working with you and invite you to be in touch if you have any further questions, wish to explore how technology might enhance your plans for practicum and/or how your inquiry might be related to or supported by digital technologies. Below are the promised links.

Scarfe Digital Sandbox – curated resources, blog, events calendar and ‘ask a question’

Blogging in Teacher Education (a post on my blog). In the post linked at left, you will also find a tutorial space – a ubc blog I set up to try to help answer many of the frequently asked questions. See the tutorials menu for screencast tutorials and information to help you get started and continue to work on your blogs. Info available for many topics including:
  • creating custom menus – this will allow you to rearrange the pages in your navigation menu and also add categories to your menu (so they appear just like drop down pages – this works well for Inquiry Resources, Reflections, etc.)
  • Adding Users to your blog – you will want to add your instructor at some point.
  • adding twitter feed/widgets
*Please remember Katya is available for drop in help 12 – 2 daily (Mondays in the Foyer; Tues thru Fri in Scarfe 155) Please do not hesitate to contact her via email for one on one help with your blog at any time.  etsproject.educ@ubc.ca
All the best,

Entrance Slip – December 1st

Now that I have managed to figure out how to create post for blog… As posted to our FB group; Dec 1st Entrance Slip

Hey class,

These are the questions for this weeks entry slip. You can choose to do either one or both, it’s up to you!

1. In 2-4 sentences describe how you will use technology in the classroom or for your inquiry question.


2. Write an e-mail to a teacher (someone you may of had, or know…) and ask how they may help you in your Inquiry Question. You can send the e-mail or not it’s up to you!

Nov. 24th Entry Slip

Hello class,

For your entrance slip, please write down 2-3 sentences pertaining to the way you plan on designing and implementing your inquiry question during your long practicum. How will the design process look like? Also, list any potential barriers or issues that you might come across. We will be discussing this at the beginning of our presentation, so please come prepared.


Megan, Gelaina, Karan

Thursday Nov 17th Entry Slip

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone’s practicum experience was amazing. This week we will be discussing evaluation in relation to various aspects of teaching. But since we want to hear about your practicum experience, this weeks entrance slip is …

“Write a short paragraph (4 or more sentences) describing how you used or how you observed evaluation in the classroom, during your practicum experience.”  -> This can be how students were evaluated, or how you evaluated teachers during your observations, etc.

We will be discussing our experiences at the beginning of our presentation, so please come prepared.


Week 8 Entry Slip

Hey folks,

Since we will finally all know where we are going for our practicums, the entrance slip for this week is just doing a little research on the school you will be teaching at. Maybe just a few lines on where it is, what the community is like, what the school looks like (demographic) etc. Obviously we will learn more once we are in our classes but hopefully this makes more sense after our presentation.


Here is the link to Ch. 6 of the reading thanks to McG’s database, I couldn’t find Ch. 7 online but I’m sure you’ve all been to the library to read it so not to worry!! http://blogs.ubc.ca/stevemcg/files/2014/09/Cole-and-Knowles-2000-Researching-teaching-Exploring-teacher-development-through-reflexive-inquiry-Chapter-6.pdf

Also the TEO office has examples of Inquiry Projects for anyone still looking for some insights/examples.

Nate, Angela, Brodie

October 20th Entry Slip

Hello class,

For Thursday, October 20th, please read the “Learning through sketching” article by Danan McNamara.

For your entrance slip, create a blind contour drawing of your face and bring it to class.  Once you are finished your blind contour drawing, make notes and critique your drawing – were you pleased with your result? Why / why not?

Please write down 3 observations you would like to share with the class about how you felt or observations about your final product.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Stephen, Andrea & Mike

What is a “Good” Inquiry Question?

A few additional ideas to consider as we begin to create our inquiry questions….

“Only the curious will learn and only the resolute will overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient.” -E.S. Wilson

Here are a few things that we have heard from people teaching Inquiry at McMaster:

What is a good Inquiry question?
(Dale Roy, Erika Kustra, Paola Borin, 2003)


Living Inquiry Itinerary and TC’s sign up duties


Living Inquiry TC’s Duties

Thank you.


October 6th Entry Slip

Hello everyone!

For next weeks class please read the Clifford & Friesen article on creating essential questions found here:

Creating Essential Questions

While you are reading try to consider the differences between essential and non essential questions and how this relates to the inquiry process.

Also remember to come to class with your “Top Ten List” of potential inquiry questions. You can check the syllabus or this weeks lecture slides for more details on that assignment.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Emily, Michael, Steven, and Ashleigh

Expert Reading Group – Wk. 4: Teacher Inquiry

Hey Class!
Here is the slides for the presentation on Teacher Inquiry!