The Submarine

Our new website is live! Please visit to keep up with the team’s progress and for more information on how to get involved!

The current submarine design started in the fall of 2012, with a team made of a few veterans and many fresh faces. The design has progressed, taking advantage of cutting edge engineering design tools such as Solidworks and Star CCM+.

Schematic of submarine safety systems

Schematic of submarine safety systems

Below are the current projects the team is undertaking:

Current Projects:

New Hull
  • New hull form designed for the team as part of a 4th year Capstone project
  • Design had undergone CFD analysis, stress analysis, and model testing in the UBC wind tunnel
  • Plug cut via a CNC foam cutter
  • Female mold completed
  • Two halves of submarine removed from mold
  • Hull halves joined
  • Hull faired and awaiting paint
Gear Box
  • Complete redesign and overhaul of the contra-rotating gear box system
  • Preliminary design complete
  • Majority of components spec’d
  • Producing production drawings


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