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Rain, Midterms, Delly Desserts, and a Ton of Unread Readings

Once the clocks go back one hour marking the end of Daylight Savings, that’s really when the last trace of any summer/nice weather/good vibes weather goes away. The rain seems murderous and non-stop, and it constantly reminds me of all the work that I have yet to do.


Yeah, countless weekends have now passed, Thanksgiving has passed (it was wonderful), Halloween’s passed, and that extra hour has also passed and throughout this whole time I seem to be having some difficulty getting any work or pre-readings done.

I do, however, seem to have no problem grabbing Nanaimo bars and Triple Chocolate Brownies (my goodness. They are truly un-real. WOW. Chocolate heaven.) half-price at the Delly on Fridays, enjoying excellent coffee at coffee shops in Downtown (haha that’s so hipster, even though I’m totally not), and grabbing tons and tons of food from all walks of life in Vancouver. So just generally my life is filled with eating, drinking coffee for fun (I don’t run on caffeine), and staring in dismay at the rain outside. Meanwhile, my Psychology, Linguistics and Latin books gather dust as they sit a lonely life on my desk, never to be read until the night before a midterm.

Just kidding. But seriously.

I wonder how some people manage to get their game on and knock out a few good hours of studying. Meanwhile, I’m taking breaks after every section in my reading (Hey. Short attention span.)

I have a long week ahead as I finish the remainder of my midterms and look forward to a couple more assignments as the term winds down. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We have almost four more weeks to finals! GAAAAAAAH. WHERE DID THE TIME GO.

So this post had absolutely no direction, but at this point I’ve accepted that I’ve gone truly insane. Haha. Let’s end this with some awesome food pictures that I’ve taken the past couple weeks.



Can you believe how delicious this beef noodle looks? Wowww. SO. GOOD.




And this coffee from Blenz. I’m more of a Starbucks person normally, but this was out of this world.


/end post/

Midterms already?


The past month has FLEW by and it’s unbelievable how fast time flies. This term so far I’ve found myself juggling my time between full-time school MWF and part-time work on TThSa and homework in all the spare gaps in between. (No idea how I’ve been doing it, seriously.) I’ve had very little free time (and hence I even forgot about the Blog Squad social on Monday…! I’m sorry Marshall, Houston, Samantha and all the wonderful people over there! Seriously!!). I think I’ve officially gone cray cray.

AAAAAAAND as we speak midterm results are flying in from last week and more coming up this week. I can’t believe how fast midterms are coming up – pointing in particular direction at my lack of reading anything course-related at all this term. My brain has been going into panic mode (WHY CAN’T YOU READ ANY FASTER BRAIN WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF PAGES TO GO) <-- that was my hyperactive brain and it KNOWS we're slow. And if one thing's for sure, I'm probably going to OD on caffeine pretty soon from all of it I took in the past few weeks. Or I'm going to miss my stop again (Side note: to anyone who has ever waken me up when the 43 arrived at UBC - I appreciate it. I really do. Seriously. It's truly embarrassing but I appreciate itttttt!!!) So we go back to studying. On the positive side, Reading Week's coming up! And the OLYMPICS! GAH! (Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Moguls Qualifications tomorrow!! 6am local time!! YES GO CANADA!) After the onslaught of the two remaining midterms this week for me, of course. I'm sorry if I have freaked anyone out with this blog post. I appreciate you staying and reading! Cheers! Side note, shout out to the girl in the SUB who pointed out my laptop sign - you're awesome 🙂 Thanks for reading the blogs of UBC Blog Squad! /end post/

Back at it!

Wow. So I know I haven’t been blogging for an INSANELY long amount of time (November to be exact) but the past few months have simply been insane, filled with catching up with work *cough* procrastination *cough*, studying for exams, learning the guitar for the first time, and getting into a part time job. To call it insane is an understatement! I consider it a miracle to even have SURVIVED first term, and even do relatively well given the amount of work I put into this (which comprised of the ten hours in the last week of term where I sat at my desk panicking and pumping out essays/writing/studying and everything of that sort). I digress.

Christmas and the break was a great time to see everyone again, and it’s simply insane to see all your old friends arrive from all sorts of airports back home, and to see all your new friends go to YVR and board planes to go to all sorts of airports around the world. I’m definitely grateful for all the time I was able to spend with everyone who was here and I’m thankful for the break I got. But now I’m sad it’s over.

I’m taking a full five course load this term on top of working part time on my off days (I ACTUALLY have off days, I’m going to do this for this term and see how well it goes!). This also means all of my courses are jam packed onto Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which in a way I think is great but in a way will probably be a new source of my stress and pain and sadness and everything that comes with all of that 😛 #sadlife

This term I think I’m going to try and get on top of my readings and work earlier on so I won’t have that little ten hour panic session in the last week of term. Granted, a lot more work this term is due earlier, so I don’t think I’ll even get that excuse. LOL. But I’ll definitely keep y’all posted!

Wishing you all the best in this second term and I promise promise promise that I will try to post a lot more often. Until then, cheers and into the lecture halls we go!

/end post/

The end of the midterm wave

Yes it has been an insane amount of time since I last blogged and some of you may be wondering if I was still alive. I am in fact alive and well, not that anyone probably noticed. AANNNNYYYWWAAAAYS.

This morning I finished my last midterm of my second wave (as I call it) and am suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of satisfaction and relief but mixed with a slightly big feeling of disappointment.

This past month I’ve been trying to get back into the groove by doing as much as I could and studying. Although most of the time this plan didn’t go very well, I did become a lot more productive than what I was in September. Still, I don’t think I had the motivation to do as well as I would’ve hoped in my midterms. These past few weeks have been absolutely insane and the relief comes from the fact that it’s finally over. In a couple weeks I have a term paper due and then five finals… which is insane because term ends in just three weeks. As cliché as it sounds, these past few months, my first months in university did indeed fly incredibly fast as I scrambled to make sense of it all and adjust. I guess I’m doing a relatively good job right now but again we’ll really see how well I turn out by the end of finals in December. Then Christmas… *sighs in content*

Some things I learned these past few months: and yes people have been telling me over and over again I just don’t really seem to be getting the jist of it (I’m slowly getting it)
1. Eat breakfast. Especially if you’re like me, having large solid blocks until 12 or 1. Your stomach will suffer which in turn will make your brain suffer which in turn will make you suffer. In general. Just eat something before class starts. Or bring something. But I’m sure you guys all know that by now haha.
2. Don’t put readings and assignments off. University really emphasizes the large amount of independence you have but that independence is abused so easily. The work does indeed pile up an a monstrous pace and before you know it you have mounds of work to do that you didn’t do before (cough. Thomas. cough)
3. Don’t procrastinate your studying. This is related to the previous point, this week I had a midterm late Thursday night and then one right after on Friday morning (This morning…meh). As you can imagine, I put it off and didn’t end up having a tremendous amount of time to study for this morning. And as you can imagine, I just felt absolutely terrible going into the exam room this morning because I didn’t know anything, no joke.
4. Sleep. I’m not even kidding, this is the only point on the list that I actually did well the past three months. Which may or may not be a good thing but I’m not gonna try guessing. I learned in Psych that your brain needs this time to sort memories and encode these memories to long term memory. So it’s better to sleep than to cram late. If not in bed, sleep on the bus like me. 😀 If you’re commuting that is.
5. Coffee. Coffee. Coffeeeeeee. This isn’t a lesson I learned, just something marvellous that I just discovered. I KNOW RIGHT? Late! Haha. I’m getting my Starbucks gold card in a couple weeks and I am excittteeeed!! 😀

So obviously I’m not really here to give advice, just to say things that I’ve learned past few months. And obviously I have learned all of these lessons the hard way and now I wish I didn’t. Haha.

BUT IT’S FRIDAY! Lots of catch up work to do this weekend. But thought I’d post anyways to let you all know I’m still alive and well 😉


/end post/

After the Initial Few Weeks…

So… the past few weeks have been truly amazing for me, even though whenever anyone asks me how UBC is so far, the answer I always tell them is “I’m exhausted”. But it has been amazing so far!

One of the biggest things that was keeping me going was quite honestly my birthday, which I celebrated with a few (like, VERY few) close friends and then family last Friday. (Shoutout to Willy, Jacinto, Haij, Big V, and Dan, y’all are awesome!) That’s the thing with September birthdays… is the fact that September is often the time for new beginnings, so for years like this one when there is a new beginning (I’d say University was a big transition!), it definitely is difficult to celebrate with anyone as everyone is either away from Vancouver or has a different schedule than you do. (Shoutout to my buds Austin, Anthony, David and Josh rockin’ it in Montréal right now!)

So now, as midterms approach, the hard and honest truth is evident that I actually haven’t been on top of all my work as much as I would have hoped to be at this point. It seems that a part of my brain is still wishing for summer to come back, and another part of my brain is still on summer mode. I am so far thoroughly enjoying all my lectures, so that’s always wonderful! But of course it’s the follow-up work and reading (For goodness’ sake Thomas, it’s just reading!! You LOVE reading!) that’s giving me a hard time right now.

I definitely don’t like the position I’m in at this point, because it is WAY to early in the year to fall behind! So I’m making it my goal to get on top of everything by the end of this week. MIDTERMS ARE COMING… EEEEK!!!

I’ll honestly need every last ounce of work ethic that’s still in me to make it through this week and get back into the groove of things, haha!

/end post