Community gardens in Richmond, BC

Richmond Food Security Society – In the summer, they run food canning workshops, coordinate info on community meals, and administer our community gardens and yard share programs!

UBC Botanical Garden Forum
- Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest
- Small Space Gardening
- Article: Vegetable gardening for beginners

West Coast Seeds
- Garden Wisdom blog
- Seed planting chart for Coastal BC (PDF)

Other gardening blogs:

In My Kitchen Garden – Great info about veggie gardening, but note that this is in larger spaces and a mid-west climate. Still good for inspiration!

YouTube gardening channels:

Growing Your Greens – This guy is really energetic, fun and interesting — videos are about organic raised bed gardening. He is based in (northern?) California so not the same climate as Vancouver, but his videos are still quite useful.

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