24/7 Access to Henry Angus Building

Dear students,

We have been informed by our Facilities & Operations team that 24/7 access to the Henry Angus building is now available, with some restrictions. Please make note of the conditions below.

  • Access to the building between 11pm-7am is by key card entry through the doors by the bookstore only.
  • Access to the Robert H. Lee (RHL) Graduate space is via key card access from CA Hall into the corridor (CA Hall is the main hall area where the café is located).
  • Sauder cannot provide 24 hour security for all floors, so 24/7 access is contained to the main floor and basement only  – students are not permitted on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floors, which means that your student lounges are not available 24/7
  • Graduate students are asked to contain themselves to the RHL Graduate Centre and CA Hall.
  • Students are asked to ensure they have their student key card with them if they are in the building between 11pm-7am.

Please note that building security is a serious matter and if students are found in the off limit areas after hours, security may confiscate their student cards. Please take a leadership role in helping to keep our building safe and ensure that you have vacated your lounge areas by 11pm.

We are pleased that this access has been granted in time to give you more access to the building while working on your P2 projects and presentations; however we do hope that you will also go home and get some sleep!



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