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Dear 2011 Full-time MBA students,

In response to student demand we are pleased to be able to offer each of you an email address.

This email address will take a format and will be a forwarding email address, which means that there is no mailbox associated with it. Email sent to this address will be forwarded to another personal email address of your choosing. You can set up your personal email account to allow you to “Reply From” the email address as well, and we will send information to you on how to do this once the emails are live.

Please click here to provide us with the following information:

  • Preferred firstname.lastname for use in your email address (if your preferred name is not available, please contact our office)
  • Email address you would like the email to forward to

The sooner we have all of this information from you the sooner we can make these email addresses operational, so we ask that you reply by 5pm on Monday December 5th at the latest.

We will be working on a webpage where you will be able to change which personal email address your address forwards to, but this page won’t be available until the end of January/early February. For the time being please provide us with your forwarding email of choice, and if you need to change it prior to the end of January you will need to do so by contacting us at the office.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
MBA/ECM Programs Office




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