“Some theorists have advocated for a pedagogy that challenges inequality, oppression and fundamentalism in education. Can technology be deployed to create a more equitable system, or does technology enhance these qualities in an education system hence deepening the divide? Do support your posts with stories, anecdotes or experience.” … posed by DLG 7 – The Politics of Ed. Tech.

My Response:

I think it depends on how and what technologies are implemented. For example, I don’t think putting a smartboard in a classroom will create a more equitable system because there are so many other factors involved that influence learning. For example, family background and support, motivation to learn, behaviour/social/physical needs and culture. I don’t think a smartboard is going to change much for a student who comes to school hungry and has no family support.

However, being a student in Microsoft’s School of the Future, might give that same student hope.

I don’t know what the balance would need to be to make a system more equitable.

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