Pedagogies of Integrity

This site is a part of the TLEF-funded project, “Our Cheating Hearts?: Changing the Conversation through Academic Integrity Curriculum in First-Year Programs,” that began in the fall of 2017.    The project has been guided by the following goals:

1. To shift from a focus on academic misconduct to academic integrity, and changing our language to suit;

2. To identify the particular areas of ethical research that students find most challenging in first-year writing courses; and

3. To developing explicit integrity curriculum–what we have called ‘pedagogies of integrity‘ in our courses that extended current course content. 

In the past year, faculty members on the project’s original working group have worked to develop the materials you see here on this site. As we’re still in evaluation for this project, we welcome (and will likely ask for!) your feedback on your experiences in implementing this curriculum.

These materials were designed for you to adopt and adapt. In the spirit of academic integrity, we would appreciate that you acknowledge the original contributors in some way (e.g., this exercise has been adapted from XXXX).

Course Design for Academic Integrity: Guiding Questions

Sample Course Parameters:

Academic Integrity Course Statement Outcome

Academic Integrity Sample Evaluation Criteria

Academic Integrity Statement for Course Syllabus



Activity – Apposition & Definition Workshop

Activity – comPAIR Scholarly Paraphrase

Activity – Defining Academic Integrity

Activity – Orchestrating Voices

Activity – Orchestration, Spot the Host

Activity – Paraphrase & Rousseau

Activity – Patchwriting & Definitions

Activity & Introduction- Intro to Academic Integrity Slides and Brainstorm Activity

Activity – Quiz



Handout – Ethical Research and Practices

Handout – Peer Editing