Celebrating Women at UBC: Rojin Kaviani

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Rojin and Interests

Rojin Kaviani is a fourth year General Science student at UBC. She also works as a JumpStart Student Coordinator and a Wellness Peer. Rojin is really passionate about learning from every experience and being challenged. She finds it so important to continuously question and challenge yourself and others: to learn, unlearn, and relearn. She really enjoys positions and careers that get you thinking on the spot and looking at problems with a new perspective.

Rojin and International Women’s Day

Rojin is inspired by her mother because she was able to balance being a full-time single mother while following her career dreams. She paved her own path and opened her own practice as a professional. Many people and many obstacles stood in her way but she powered through. “Her determination gives me strength,” says Rojin.

Rojin and Passions

Rojin is really passionate about access to education and basic rights for women. Her heritage traces to Iran, where women aren’t respected or considered, by law, to be equal to men; their opportunities are restricted and limited by the government. This realization prompted Rojin to start learning and becoming passionate about gender equality.

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